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How To Get the Marriage Commitment and the Proposal

The #1 reason why your boyfriend won't propose to you

There use to be only one thing a girl needed for marriage: a willing guy or a baby on the way.

Seems rather quaint in this day and age, doesn't it?

I mean, even if the guy is willing he may not propose for years, and children? They just don't put a man in a marrying mindset these days, do they?

After all, how many of your friends have kids and a boyfriend? or a "fiancé" of several years?

Just who is so afraid of the walk down the aisle anyways?

If you conduct a survey I bet that the majority of people between 20 and thirty would say yes to getting married to the right person.

They just don't know "right" from "wrong", that's all.

Yes, I can hear the naysayers in the back shouting out "Who needs to get married when half of all marriages end in divorce?"

The answer, of course, is that half of all marriages are successful.

And if people put a higher price tag on their love then they'd be better prepared to make a relationship work, instead of casually throwing it out with last night's left-overs.

Sex used to be a premium of marriage, if you want to "get some" then the ring goes on.

These days, if you're not "putting out" then you're not "normal". Sex in the 1960's and later was "casual" now it's a given that every 16 year old is having sex, often with their parent's buying the birth control.

Is there any wonder that marriage has taken a so-called "back seat" to casual relationships, casual sex and just "casual everything", even break-ups?

Let's take a brief look at online dating while we're at it.

Do you know that of the top ten dating services the majority of them sell their service as a way to get married? To successfully find not only your partner in life but also your marriage partner for your own opportunity at the "happily ever after" we all want.

Would all those marketing geniuses and those millions of advertising dollars be chasing us to be dating service members if all we wanted in life was a "hook-up"?

Men and women used to be groomed for "the big day" from early childhood. Making the promise of a lifetime together with someone you loved was a dream come real, not the answer to an equation, such as "You and me and baby makes three".

Young girls would dream and play make-believe of their wedding day and boys would be teased by their mates about getting married to a girl they had a crush on.

And now? Geesh... they call this progress?

Take a moment and think about marriage, and what it very personally means to you.

Now ask yourself: when you're committed to a long-term relationship, and you're pretty certain your guy is committed to you too, how long will you wait for him to ask you to marry him?

One year, two, five? After your first child, second?

If that's what it takes then what does commitment mean anyways?

You can get there if you want to, that is, from a committed relationship to marriage.

You don't have to trick your boyfriend, you don't have to threaten or beg him either.

You just have to be the girl that gets the ring. And you can put to rest that nagging question, not of whether he's marriage material, but whether you are.

Please give me a few more precious minutes of your time and watch this video, my friend TW "T Dub" Jackson has some words of wisdom to offer you.

Please click here.

Don't waste another minute.
Best wishes,
Robert Lee


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