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Is Dating Overrated?

What is your hurry to rejection all about?

I know that the whole dating thing can be an exercise in futility. And who really needs to do the “relationship thing” anyways?

If it works it works, if it doesn’t you just move on, right?

Wrong! You should want a relationship so you can strengthen your bond with that special person and learn to live with them with understanding and peace, just as you hope they do too.

There’s no real surprise that your genitals will fit together. But you can’t “express your passion” in bed unless you have a road of open communication and mutual understanding of each other’s needs that extends well beyond the bedroom.

To be a satisfying lover you need to speak and listen.

Experiment and learn.

And mostly trust each other that the passion in the bedroom can extend itself into the everyday life you share as well.

And it all starts with dating, not “hooking up” for a single night, a quick score.
Being “Friends With Benefits” doesn’t really do it either because after a few hookups you do have real feelings for the other person (unless you really are just a user) and FWB has little ground rules for turning this hookup experience into a relationship.

And this FWB experience is destined to not last long and always end horribly because the relationship was started based on sex and only sex, no emotions, no connections and no promises.

How do you really move on from there?

When you learn to respect the value you hold for yourself and others, then you really can enjoy the full dating and relationship experience.

Just don’t go too fast, speeding in a relationship always ends up in a crash.

Please give me a few more precious minutes of your time and watch this video, my friend TW "T Dub" Jackson has some words of wisdom to offer you.

Please click here.

Don't waste another minute.
Best wishes,
Robert Lee


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