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Examples Of Emails That Will Attract Women: The Men's Online Dating Guide

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This article: Examples of e-mails you can use right now to attract women using online dating.

Just as there is many great ways to attract women there is many bad ways that will sour them to you.

A reply to a woman's profile online needs to be interesting and specifically asking for a date, in a manner that will intrigue her beyond all other e-mails men have sent her.

With the fact that most men aren't born writers, and they aren't born comedians, and frankly, men just don't know what to say to women in an e-mail that will attract them enough to get a date.

Men seem to talk around the fact that they want to get a date, suggestions of things to do without a plan do not attract women, they make you come off as a wussy.

In a very short e-mail message, if you can prove that you are in control of what you want to do then you have a very good chance of having the woman actually ask you for a date, which is where you want to be.

So what are the magic words you use to attract women in an e-mail message? What are the magic phrases that turn her on?

To say there is any one answer to those two questions above is impossible. People have different personalities in reply to things in different ways. That's a given fact of life.

There are certain general phrases, which allow a woman's mind to add facts to so that your e-mails to her become very specific to her in her mind. So here's an example of a general phrase that you can use to contact women with picture online dating site.

Hi, I read your profile, and it seems to me that you have a lot in common with people who don't write very good dating service profiles. I am also in that club. LOL. Check out my profile and e-mail me back telling me you will need to me at this little café I know where we can have coffee, biscotti and some conversation.

You have to keep in mind the reply should be simple to the point matching with your profile and asking for a date altogether. Don't go on the path of some people where they just "don't know what they're doing with online dating services" because that doesn't score points. It's never helpful to say you are a newbie using an online dating service, or friend pushed you into using it, or saying you don't usually do things like this, that's just a wussy statement that isn't believed and doesn't start you off on firm footing to meet women online.

Hi, I read your profile and you don't seem the type to use online dating services. While I am because I have a hard time meeting people. My business keeps me occupied and the time that I have left over I like to spend with interesting people that I've met online. You are one of those people, the interesting ones, that is. Make some time for me next Tuesday and we will share some great conversation, coffee and a dessert, and then see how interesting we can be together.

Again, you want to keep in mind that your reply shouldn't be overly long. Anything she needs to read can already be in your profile so keep your profile interesting. Your goal is not to meet people online to have a lot of friends online. If you want to do that, go join a social network and not a dating service. But an online dating service is where you will get dates with a lot less hassles. By using the words that are intriguing, interesting and give the woman a great feeling of the cause-and-effect of meeting you, you will get the dates you want. And your success with dating women will increase very quickly.

Hi, I read your profile and find a hard to believe you are actually all those things. If you read my profile I'm all over the place. I really didn't know how to answer the questions to be as interesting as I think I am. I would like to meet you and I think you'd like to meet me too. Go check out my profile and then reply and I'll give you a place and date so we can talk face-to-face.

So these three examples should get you on the road to increase dates for meeting women online. While these are only basic samples of what guys do who are very successful with women and online dating services, you can become one of those guys if you want.

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Happy dating!
Robert Lee

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