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Five Lies Men Tell

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This article: Five lies men use in their profiles to meet women online.

Meeting Women Online Double Your Dating DVD/CD-ROMOften, in a futile attempt to attract more women to their profile, men will tell lies about themselves to make themselves seem better than they are.

While often these lies are (disputable) little white lies, it never helps when the e-mail dates turn into real dates that you suddenly have to start explaining yourself. Apologies shouldn't be required on your first real date with a woman you meet online. So in light of this avoid these following five very common lies that men tell in their dating profiles.


Men lie about their age. Now, this usually is not that of the deal, women often lie about their age too. It's one thing to be caught out in a lie about your age and it's another thing to live the lie as you start to date someone you met online. Think about it.


Men lie about their usage of online dating services. A common lie is to say "Oh, my friend wrote my profile for me" or something to that effect. But women see through this, and odds are good that she's been watching your profile for a couple weeks already and see's through the changes you've made to it. Don't get caught at this lie, it's not worth.


Men lie about their height and/or weight. Again, this is a common lie that usually does no good whatsoever. When the e-mail dates turned real dates what are you going to do? grow 3 inches? Use lifts? Drop forty pounds? Use a male corset?


Men lie about their marital status. This is a big lie that causes a lot of damage between men and the women they meet online. If you're separated, on the verge of divorce, or divorced already, say-so.

If you're involved with someone you then shouldn't be looking for someone else on an online dating service and the only intent you could possibly have is to ruin someone else's life, as you feel that yours is ruined by the relationship you cannot escape from. Take a good look at yourself and get things sorted out and move on with your life before you use online dating services to meet single women.


Men lie about their likes and dislikes. Sure it sounds great to say "I love long moonlit strolls down the beach", but if it's not really what you like then don't say it. Lying about the things you like and the things you don't like to seek approval of someone that you haven't met in person yet is just plain wrong, if not totally warped. Think of better things to do with your time and maybe you'll become a more interesting person. Pick up some hobbies do some volunteer work, whatever it takes. But avoid these type of white lies.

Guys, I just have to add that if you telling these types of lies with your online dating profile exactly what type of woman are you hoping to catch? Because if you're looking for girlfriend material or possible long-term relationship you shouldn't be looking at these lies despite how small you think they are.

And if you're looking for just a fast hookup then you should be going to those type of sites where it doesn't matter if you tell the truth or lie, you'll just find someone to hook up with.

I hope this all makes sense for you and I hope that you have better dating success in the future.

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Have fun!
Robert Lee

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