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How To Write Your Reply To A Woman's Online Personal Ad

Meeting Women Online Dating Guide
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Replying to a woman's online personal ad isn't just about writing something and clicking 'send' it's more how you say it than what you say, really...

You're in competition with every other guy online so you've got to adjust your reply, your wording and your attitude to get her attention first and foremost.

If you have little experience with women, then you have almost no frame of reference for what I'm talking about in general, and until you start DOING more, you just won't "get it" as well.

This is true for online dating and dating in the real world. After all, if you're not using online dating to get real world dates, what exactly are you doing?

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Online dating offers certain advantages since you don't have to think up anything on the spot.

You have the distinct advantage of editing and spell checking your message as well as maybe even have a friend check it before you send it.

But it's got to be great to turn that online message into a real world date, right? As far as responding to a woman's online personal ad:

Remember, women who run personal ads are getting TONS of responses.

When you've decided play the personals, stay current with them, and contact women as soon as they place their ad.

This way you'll be one of the first to start a conversation with her as opposed to the 497th guy.

At some point, the hundreds of men who are responding to a woman's personal ad all run together into a big lump of desperate men. So be first if you can.

Watch for the newest member listings on your dating service of choice.

Second, forget about trying to respond to a woman's personal ad by reading it, thinking about it, considering what she's looking for, and then responding in a way that she will find interesting.

No no no!

The ad you sent in above could have been run by any woman in any part of the world it might as well be a generic ad template for women.

The one thing this ad DOESN'T mention (and the one thing that NO female personal ads EVER mention) is what makes this woman feel ATTRACTION for a man.

Think about it for a minute.

This woman sat down one night at her computer, and said to herself "I'm tired of the dating game.

Maybe if I put a personal ad online and describe the kind of guy I'm looking for, Prince Charming will find me and we'll live happily ever after".

Can't you just FEEL it in her words?

"I'd like to eventually settle down with someone that I can look to as a best friend and that I can laugh with..."

"I believe that the best relationships are based on friendship..."

And the whole last paragraph is priceless:

"My ideal match is the kind of guy that isn't afraid of being himself. He knows what he wants and goes for it.

He is confident, not cocky. He is a person of good character, high morals and loyal.

He is thoughtful, considerate and knows how to treat a lady. Last but not least, my ideal man is attractive with a good sense of humor..."

So what do most guys do when they read an ad like this one?

Of course, they write back something like:

"Hi, I'm a nice attractive SWM who has a sense of humor, high morals, is honest, and also believes that a good friendship is the foundation for a great relationship."

UGH! Someone bring me a bucket, because I'm gonna PUKE.

Look, when a woman is writing a PERSONAL ad, she's usually at a point in her life where she's lonely and has often lost hope of finding a long-term companion in the real world.

OF COURSE she's going to write all this sappy stuff.

But that doesn't change ANYTHING about what is going to get her attention and make her feel ATTRACTION.

Again, my gut tells me that you're trying to figure out how to answer this kind of personal ad with a WUSSY response that will make her love you. Don't.

And to address your question of how to communicate that you're a confident, sexually aware man.

You do this by NOT trying to please her, say what she wants to hear, and kiss up to her.

If this is news to you the it sounds to me like you need to spend more time studying the materials you have, practicing your Cocky & Funny skills, and making your personality more interesting and less time chasing women who are looking for an open, honest, Yoga-loving husband via the personal ads.

Use the materials you have! Practice!

Get online with an instant messaging service and work on your Cocky & Funny replies to emails.

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