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Put Energy And Personality Into Your Profile

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I'm going to use this article to answer a question that I recently received about a guy's lack of success with online dating and how he can turn things around.

Hi David,
I recently bought your book and I'd like to say that it's great (I knew after 15 minutes that I wouldn't need to ask for my money back - it really IS that good).

I've read it a few times and I reading again to try and absorb all the material I can. I'm practicing on a regular basis and I'm still the the Apprentice stage of my transformation (but loving every new interaction!).

I joined an online dating service and I'm trying to figure out how to use the Cocky+Funny approach effectively without coming across as a total jerk or worse.

I realize that there are probably tons of wusses on these sites as well so what's the key to writing an email that will catch their attention?

I'm sure most of the hotties (and average chicks) get a load of email from guys that say crap like "I love to hold hands and go for long walks on crisp, fall days...".

If this is an example of a wussmail, what is the best way to write a C+F email that creates some attraction and gets them chasing after me and not the other way round?

Keep up the awesome work and keep these kickass emails coming... they're gold!
M in BC

PS are you going to come up here anytime soon and do a seminar for your Canadian brethren (or at least somewhere in the Pacific Northwest)?

David Deangelo Replies:
OK, if you're going to do the online thing, you must keep a few things in mind:

1. There are literally tens of millions of people who are using the internet for dating. It's the BIG THING right now.

2. Women who join dating sites get TONS of replies from men.

3. If you want to be successful in the online space, you need to remember that you're really in a big numbers game.

4. Writing a great profile is one way to separate yourself from the crowd, and turn the entire game around.

I could talk for days about the online dating scene... but let me give you just a few key pointers here...

If you want to increase your success in a BIG way, you need to

1) Update your profile every day, and
2) Watch the new listings every day.

Why every day?

Because when you update your profile every day, it brings your profile back to the "top of the pile".

In other words, most of the systems will have your updated profile come up FIRST in search results because it's "fresher".

And because if you keep your eye open for the new listings from women every day, you can be one of the FIRST guys to respond to her ad, instead of the 347th guy.

You want to make contact, start communicating, and GET ON THE PHONE.

Don't dilly-dally and write 50 emails back and forth.

You're not looking for pen pals, so don't act like it.

Next, make sure you put a TON of personality into your own profile... AND your replies to women.

Instead of writing a profile that says "I'm a nice, regular, boring guy who loves puppies and rainbows and cuddling" say "I'm that guy your mom warned you about. But hey, we both know that you never listened to her...".

And instead of writing a reply to a woman's profile that says "Hi, you sound like just the girl I've been looking for all my life, and I think we could have a great relationship", say "Hey, you probably couldn't handle me... but I thought I'd give you a chance anyway".

Get it?

Have FUN. Put ENERGY and PERSONALITY into your profile.

Watch a few episodes of Jackass, then put in a James Bond movie, and wrap up with some Denis Leary...

And then write to some women.

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