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This article: My question is how do I take things further when meeting women online?

Why aren't you more successful with online dating?

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*** Question from a subscriber ***

Hey Dave!
I'm finally starting to "get it". It took a long time (lots of your articles read, I read your e-book), but one night it just clicked, and I'm now starting to get some e-mail/phone numbers. And I'm getting the tea/coffee first meeting dates going.

I had one amazing realization today - whenever I DON'T get an initial meeting after getting the e-mail, I don't do what I used to which is get depressed, find fault in myself, and figure I'll never get anybody.

Now, since I'm working on this next step of getting the initial meeting, I just see it as a recipe.

Maybe with girl "A" I was too C and not enough F. Maybe with girl "B" I'm not making her feel comfortable enough of meeting at my place.

I realized that with practice I'll get the mix right and be able to turn any e-mail into an initial date. That new mindset has taken a LONG time to get to and it's mostly due to your info. Thanks!!

Question: Tonight's first date went really well!

I was "almost too comfortable" and was totally calm and cool. Poked fun at her, never answered any questions directly, and I didn't sit around worrying about whether or not she liked me. And I could almost tangibly feel the attraction being amplified!!!

But I found out during the date that she's a single mom. Now I personally don't like to date single moms for various reasons - not even for a one-night stand (a lot of guys disagree and that's cool - this is my own thing). Could you suggest a way to ask this prior to the first date? Perhaps it's my own limiting belief, but it seems that by asking this, I'm implying that I'm looking at her as possible long-term material.

Thanks a lot and everybody reading this: BUY THE CD'S....THEY ROCK!!!

DAVID Deangelo Replies:

Well, thanks for the shameless advertising plug... I really appreciate it. No, really.

OK, you've asked a VERY interesting question. It's interesting not because of the content of the actual question... but more because of what it SAYS about you and what you're thinking. When you say "Can you tell me how to ask a woman if she has kids before a first date?" it implies that you think that there's something wrong with just coming out and asking it.

It's like you're saying "Well, I know that I can't just ASK her if she has kids... so can you tell me some cool trick to get her to spill it without me having to ask?". Well guess what?


It's not necessary to use trickery when you want to know something about a woman. If you want to know if a woman has kids, then you need to ASK. Say "Hey, do you have any kids?". If she says "Yes", then say "Great. I'm really looking for a woman who doesn't have any kids, but we can be friends".

Let's use a different example.
Let's say you've placed a personal ad online.
Let's say that a cute woman replies.
Let's say that she sends you a picture... but it only shows her face... and you're only interested in women who are slim. Now, you probably would write to me and ask me to give you some slick way to get her to share how much she weighs with you without having to ask.
Wrong idea.

Just email her and say "Hey, how tall are you and how much do you weigh? I really prefer women who are slim. Let me know...".

That's it.
Think about it.
If she IS slim, she'll tell you, and probably be glad that you were up front with her and direct. If she ISN'T slim, she'll be glad you told her now and didn't waste her time. I think that your problem is probably rooted in insecurity, and caring too much what other people think of you. the way... it's NOT OK to say "Hey, I really HATE FAT CHICKS... so tell me now, because if you're fat I'm going to bail...". That's not cool.

When you show interest it's important that the things you value in a woman are made clear up front to her. And when she does fit what you want in a woman, compliment her on it... and there are plenty of ways to do that.

You can handle these "investigative" questions easily into conversation and when you get an answer, if you are thinking she's your type, add a compliment like:

  • You must really be organized to fit workouts into your schedule
  • How old are your kids? You must be very proud of them.
  • I looked at that area to live, how did you luck out into getting a place there?

You'll notice that these are compliments with a tail end of a question. This keeps her talking and when you continue with positive interest in what she  says, you'll add to her being comfortable with you, opening the door to a first real-world meeting and more. 

If you act like an adult and expect others to act like adults, you'll do well with women. If you pussy-foot around the issue (a perfect term for you and this) you'll wind up trying to do things that waste everyone's time. If you're up front, direct, and not caring what other people think of you, then you're going to make women respond more powerfully.

Oh, and GREAT JOB getting your act together with women. You're doing very well, keep it up. And feel free to promote my materials anytime you want in the future.

To sum up:
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