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Meeting Women Online: Tips And Tricks

3 Tips To Successful Online Dating

What Is The Biggest Obstacle To Men Being Successful With Online Dating?

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Just as it's important to "stand up straight" to be noticed, you shouldn't let your online profile "slouch".

If you've already joined an online dating service, posted your profile and waited, waited, and waited for replies to come in, I want you to go and log in right now. (If you're not a member right now, take a moment to join a service and come back to this page (click here).

Do a search for a guy, your age, your weight, your area, and other general aspects of yourself. Nothing too specific. Now look at the results page, do you see yourself there? Now, you see all the competition. As well, you see better profile pictures, more complete profiles, funny and leading headlines and more interesting descriptive paragraphs.

So when we break down these examples of the competition you face at the dating service you belong to right now, we have:

Sharp profile picture;

Funny/leading headline;

Descriptive and personable "About me" paragraph.

Any one of these parts of the profile will drive women to email you first. Having all three sections written to intrigue women will increase your online dating success a lot more.

Your main profile picture

Head and shoulders only. Smile nicely. Well lit. Other pictures, if your dating service allows more, can be funny, full body and adventurous pictures, but keep the one women will see first to a head and shoulders shot.

Your headline

There are too many of examples of headlines that work to attract women for one article, but here is a small sample: Happy and lucky to meet you. Didn't we date in high school? I Like Fries! Deluxe man searching for a great woman. Mature man likes to have fun.

Your "About Me" paragraph

Often this is included, or at least the first part of it, in the results profile page. This paragraph in conjunction with your headline is what will really make women to decide you email you. These few words need to be written to demand a response from women.

Whether a lead-in to a joke, a personal question that you answer about yourself and ask for the same answer of women that view it and even the "I've had a tough day at work, want to get a drink with me tonight?" type sentences will get you to the goals you want with online dating.

There's a lot more to learn, beyond these 3 simple tips. Start with the preview of "Meeting Women Online" now.

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