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How To Use Voice Mail To Get Dates

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This is how you use the voice mail feature of online dating services to get more dates.

Meeting Women Online Double Your Dating DVD/CD-ROMMost online dating services, the ones that are worth joining, have a "voice mail" option.

This feature allows you to record a personal message, to be included with your personal ad, in your own voice.

Voice mail is the number two effective date feature because women, and men, make snap judgments based on the tone of voice someone has. (A picture with a great smile is number one.)

I'm sure you've made these quick assessments of people too based on how they speak, the quiet or overbearing tone of their voice, even if someone is smart or stupid, these traits can all be expected to show, or rather hear, in their voice. Sometimes this may be an unfair characterization of someone but let's be real for a second: when all you have to judge someone is what they've written about themselves and maybe a picture also, the voice message adds some familiarity with the person and a measure of judgment about them also. Live with these real facts and you'll do great using voice mail to get dates.

Using voice mail to get dates is similar to baiting a hook, you say some small things about yourself and end with a question "Call me, ok?"

You are providing substance to your profile and picture. You are allowing someone to hear you for the first time and this goes well beyond any other type of online first impression you could possibly make with words and pictures.

The Voice Mail Don'ts

Don't talk down to people, no matter what, most people easily understand others when speaking at a grade 5 level. So, unless you're into dating online at the Mensa level, don't go all university snobbery on your recorded message.

Don't ask personal questions of your listener. Unless this is a swinger website you need to remain sincere and talk about yourself, not your sexual conquests. These you can save for the gold course.

Don't speak softly or too loud. You can listen and re-record your voice mail as often as you like, make sure you get it right.

Don't "wing it". Know what you are going to say and how to say it.

Don't talk about your job. This is a subject that you should talk about on your second or third date, not in your voice mail (unless you’re a Chippendale's dancer and want to score quickly, that is).

The Voice Mail Do's

Be prepared with what you are going to say. If needed, write your message down and practice it until you don't sound like you're reading it aloud.

Listen to your message. Surprisingly enough many people don't listen 'critically' to how they sound and what they say. Maybe ask a friend to hear your voice message. Getting it right makes all the difference on your future dating success. Don't blame the dating service if you've shot down your own chances with a bad voice mail message.

Keep your voice mail message short, simple and to the point. A nice introduction and a request for an email message back such as: "Hi, I am bostonboy42 and I joined to find someone that would like to join me at a great not-well-known Italian restaurant in the city. No surprises, just great food and conversation. Now you've read about me and heard me, it's your turn to message me. I really want to hear from you."

Be happy sounding. Droning on and on is a sure-fire losing proposition. Don't do it.

Have fun with it. Let your personality shine through, even if it means having a couple of beers first to relax you.

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