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How To Write Your Online Personal Ad

The Meeting Women Online Dating Guide DVD Series For Men

There are two ways to write your personal ad. Most guys write their ad like fishing without bait. They have the hook, line and sinker, just not the attraction qualities that will make women respond. You’ll learn here the techniques that really work.

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This article: Email and reply from a user of The Online Dating Guide  For Men"

Dear Dave,
I'm writing to tell you how amazingly effective your personal ad advice is.

I've had limited success with, including hooking up with a few cuties and dating one for about 6 months last year.

I had the usual profile with some basic info about myself and would reply to ads with "Hi, I read your ad ... blah blah ... check mine out and write back."

After reading your advice on the subject, I re-wrote my personal ad with a pretty aggressive cocky and funny twist to it and started replying to ads with your suggested reply (you must be getting emails from 50 loser guys a day, etc.).

I did this mostly as an experiment, and to my surprise it works beyond belief!

I'm getting triple the number of replies to my ad as before, and more than half of the women I email write back as opposed to maybe 10% before. What's more, they say "yes, you're right, all these guys are a bunch of losers but you sound different and I'd love to get to know you, we should meet for a drink sometime."

The beauty of online dating sites is that guys can do what I did and try this stuff out as an experiment, then get proof that it works. Previously, I wouldn't have had the balls to walk up to a hottie and be a total smart-ass like I've been online, but now that I've seen it work and gotten results, I'm able to do it in the real world too. After emailing this stuff to women and having them begging to meet me has improved my confidence with women a thousand times over and given me the ability to walk up to women and use this stuff anytime, anywhere.

By the way, when you said that looks, power etc. get you in the door but don't guarantee that a guy will keep a woman, I'm very fit, good looking (my picture rated 9.8 on hotornot. com), and relatively successful in my career. Not that long ago I couldn't meet women, let alone keep them, to save my life. Now that I've taken your advice and made it a part of my personality, I'm unstoppable! Thanks!

Scottsdale, Arizona

David D.’s Comments:

Well, thank you for confirming once again that it takes a lot more than just good looks or career success to have success with women. I know a lot of guys who are good looking and successful who can't meet women to save their lives and I know a lot of guys who are not good looking and/or successful who attract women like magnets. Looks, money, fame, etc. isn't going to hurt your game, but it's only a small part.

If you have the personality traits and know how to communicate in the ways that trigger a woman's emotional attraction, then you will succeed with women, no matter how old, short, bald, poor, or whatever you are. I really believe this. I've seen it so many times with my own eyes (and proven it to myself with my own transformation from no success with women to great success).

And by the way, great job using the personal ad materials exactly as you learned them. The newsletter I wrote over a year ago on how to meet women using the online personals was probably the most famous one I've written... and I've had so many requests to reprint or resend it, you wouldn't believe it.

You obviously got the information, and the personal ad response you mentioned from my “Meeting Women Online” series.

Good job.

And yes, practicing online (which I recommend highly) gets you ready for doing things in the REAL world... all from the comfort of your own home.


Thanks for the email, and for the comments.

...Oh, and if you're reading this right now, and thinking "Wow, I'd really like to learn how to meet women online", or "I'd love to be able to practice meeting women without having to deal with face-to-face rejection", then I highly recommend you check out my “Meeting Women Online” CD/DVD Program.

In that program, I include several ACTUAL examples of conversations that I've had with women online.

And online profiles that I have personally created and used MYSELF to meet women online.
And if that wasn't enough, I interview one of my good friends who is the guy that actually TAUGHT me how to meet women on the internet.

That's right, you get to hear ME interview and pick the brain of the guy that taught me.

Of course, there are also about a bazillion other killer ideas for everything from overcoming fear to the exact word-for-word lines that I use when approaching women, to a detailed description of how to take things to a "physical" level with a woman, and much, much more.
It's here.

And if you want to get an introduction to my main concepts, techniques, and strategies, then you need to go download your copy of my online eBook "Double Your Dating". It's full of great ideas for meeting and dating women, and you can download it now and be reading it in just a few minutes.

...and read it, learn it, and use it.
Talk to you soon, 
David D.

Order the materials and change everything about your online dating, and start getting real dates with attractive and interesting women!
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