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Creating Your Online Personality: The Men's Online Dating Guide

The Meeting Women Online Dating Guide DVD Series For Men

Who are you online is as important as what you share with your online potential dates

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When we examine online dating closely a few particulars appear:

- a way to meet people

- an intimate arena for personal contact

- a two-dimensional personality of ourselves and those we meet

- a safe place to compare potential dates and mates

- a 'safe distance' relationship builder

Using these statements it's safe to assume that if we are using online dating for a particular goal, then so is the person we are attempting to find and contact.

Making this "bond" requires some work in that you need to use your "personality" to help you "shine" in your online personal ad that possible dates will see. You need to build attraction "at a distance" which requires you to write your personal ad in such a way that women understand you almost immediately.

Your personality is the trigger of her (and many other women's) attraction for you.

There are approximately 110 million singles in America and more than 60% have said they have tried, or are trying, online dating.

Making the connection is very possible but also very competitive. Women using online dating services can receive dozens and dozens of messages a day so the key here is for you to use your personality to go beyond the basic "Hi, I think we have something in common" approach that is usually sent by men to women.

Using your personality to attract and a woman's natural curiosity to arouse her makes you and your profile stand out from all the other men that have ever message her.


- in the "about me" section of your profile include talk about an upcoming local event you'd like to take a potential date to... this is showing your personality of what you like as well as arousing a woman's curiosity by saying without saying that you have something fun in common

- a picture of you in the kitchen cooking inspires in women a confidence that you are more of a man. Of course you could just be pulling frozen pizza out of the oven for the picture but at least you know how to turn the oven on, you can humor her with that sometime

- don't include other people in any of your profile pictures. That leads to questions that aren't about you, they are about others.

There's a lot more to learn, beyond these 3 simple tips. Start with the preview of "Meeting Women Online" now.

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