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"Online Dating Playbook" For Men by Jake Vandenhoff

E-Mails That Get Women Hooked

Online Dating PlaybookGuys are always trying to come up with the "perfect email" to send to women on dating sites. It's as if there are some "magic words" you can type in that will make any woman fall head over heels in lust with you...

Truth is, just like there's no perfect pick-up line that works 100% of the time at the bars, there's no perfect email that's going to attract every girl online. But luckily, you don't need perfect words to get women digging you online... Far from it!

In fact, most women respond better to simple, mildly humorous, and brief emails. The type of notes that you should (with a little practice) be able to whip off without hardly any thought whatsoever!

Let me explain the psychology behind this...

Women are instinctively drawn to men of "high value" who have a lot of options for female companionship. Likewise, they are turned off by needy guys who try hard for female validation, and never seem to get any.

So, trying hard to have the "perfect words" or writing an amazingly fascinating email is a bad, bad, bad, extremely counterproductive idea, because it reeks of desperation.

Think about it, if you where a cool stud, the kind of guy most women actually want to date, would you need to write intricate emails to get their attention? Hell no!

Instead, you'd write a short but unique emails and leave it at that. You'd let your inherent awesomeness speak for itself, and if some girl online couldn't pick up on it, well, that's her loss and some other fine young ladies gain.

So, if you want women to respond to your emails, here's what you do...

Get a good picture of yourself, write a profile that shows you are a fun, masculine guy, whose got his life together, and then send a BRIEF note. Read her profile, pick out something specific in it, and then make a humorous or interesting comment about it. Then, give her a call to action. This could mean asking her a question you want her to respond to, or asking for her phone number.

However, I prefer to go for the gold and ask for the date right there in the first email. It's emails like this that show women you've got a pair, and that is what hooks 'em!

Online Dating PlaybookJake Vandenhoff is a Dating Coach and the author of "Online Dating Playbook". He's currently offering a FREE Online Dating Secrets E-course to all his site visitors, it's jam packed with every thing you need to know about attracting and dating hot high-caliber women online and off.


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