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After reviewing more than 1,600 online dating services and answering hundreds of emails about online services, it's time you decided for yourself which is a better way for you to meet someone.

Survey to gauge the actions, motivations and responses to men and women using online dating services:

Men Take The Survey

Women Take The Survey

Quiz #2

How adaptable are you to the other sex? What do your feelings and responses to these questions reveal about you, your personality and how you react in a relationship?

Men Take "The Nice Guy Test"

Women Take "The Nice Girl Test"

Quiz #3

Is Internet Dating Right For You? Men and women can both take this self-test. Find out if meeting people online is something you can safely and responsibly accomplish.

The quiz is here.

Quiz #4

How dating service savvy are you? The staff are always concerned that individuals may not exercise the best judgment to protect their privacy when visiting and joining online dating services.

The quiz is here.


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