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Pickup Line Advice: Being Comfortable

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Being Comfortable In The Situation You Are In

Being confident and finding it easy to speak to women that you approach is easy if you feel comfortable with the situation that you are in.

Walking over and speaking to a girl is one thing but what you also need to remember that most of the times you are walking over and speaking to a complete stranger. You have never spoke to this person before and have had very little or no contact with her either.

This makes it harder to feel relaxed, it creates the negative feelings of thinking whether she will like you or not.

As we know being nervous and unconfident is a turn off to women. You need to learn to feel comfortable and relaxed in this situations. This will in turn portray confidence.

There is a simple way to solve this problem. Learn to adjust and get used to speaking to people you have never spoke to before.

In effect say hello to strangers more. Not just while your out dating but in your every day life.

The strange thing is if you are out having a (example) coffee by yourself and there is a girl at the place you are by herself I bet you probably wouldn't go over and sit down beside her.

Yeah neither would I?
1) She may think your some odd ball
2) It would feel to strange just walking over and sitting beside a girl you don't even know

This is what a lot of people think. It is wrong.

It is called meeting people, to meet new people means that you do not know them. They are strangers.

Most people find it easier meeting new people in a group, subconsciously they know they have the protection of the group of people they are with. It is not direct one on one contact.

In dating you very rarely get this barrier, fail safe option. When you meet and approach women you are usually on your own. If you are not used to approaching strangers and speaking to them then you feel a whole lot more nervous.

Give it a shot. For the next week, when you or out talk to people you don't know. This can be passing by in the street and saying a quick hello while passing or sitting beside someone when you are out somewhere.

You may be thinking this won't help my dating. It will, the more you adjust and easier you feel talking to people you have never met before the more comfortable and less nervous you will feel approaching women.

It is like everything in life, get yourself used to any situation that you are put in and it seems easier.

Dating is not about one thing that works. Dating involves many different factors and situations.

Psychology plays a huge part in dating. It is not all about, when I meet a girl I don't know what to say or I feel nervous around women.

The question you need to ask yourself is why this happens in these situations.

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