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Pickup Line Advice: Confidence In Dating

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Confidence In Dating

I am going to talk about having confidence while dating. I was speaking to my brother about a week ago, talking about the usual stuff, and he mentioned that he saw a special edition superman DVD for sale so he bought it.

Yes you heard right superman. I laughed at first and gave a cheeky comment back. " I thought you grew out of nappies a long time ago". But as it usually happens a few days ago I dropped round to his house and ended up taking a lend of superman. Yes Yes I make no excuses my inner child got the better of me.

Any I was watching it and I realized that in the film the relationship between Clark Kent/Superman and Louis Lane is very similar to real life dating, speaking metaphorically.

It shows you the relationship from an outside perspective. Poor old Clark Kent lacking in confidence, seems to be very unsure of himself, nervous around women.

Then you have Superman (forget the fact that he is a big super hero for a minute) self confident, self-assured and does not feel one bit intimated being around women.

Louis Lane just want's to be friends with Clark Kent yet with Superman even though he is the same person she is deeply attracted towards him.

The reason why is Self-Confidence. Even when Louis Lane found out Clark Kent /Superman were the same person she was still deeply attracted towards him.

The good thing about this is you can see it for yourself.

One talks nervously, the other one full of confidence, one is scared to maintain eye contact, the other gains eye contact without a problem. Now you can see a full understanding of what I mean when I say women are attracted towards confident, self-assured men.

Learning to portray your self-confidence is a vital key to successful dating.

One of the first things you have to remember when speaking to a girl is that you must talk slowly, positively and clearly. Don't fidget, stand up right, shoulders wide apart head up right.

Not like a US marine "stand to attention pose" but a more relaxed version of that. Always maintain a steady level of eye contact, this will let her know that you are interested in her and what she has to say.

You have heard the saying " Laughter is way to a girls heart" this is very true. Knowing a few good jokes will really benefit you. Don't speak to her, saying joke after joke, just drop on into the conversation every now and again.

Don't say, "Do you want to hear a joke". By doing this you are asking for her approval if it is ok for you to tell this joke.

While your talk work it in with the conversation, the better you work it in the more she is going to laugh and feel more interested in you.

If you are with a girl, don't start questions with, "Is it ok if I...?" or "Do you want to...?". Instead say "I am going to go up dance you should come to". Say what you are going to do,don't ask permission to be able to do it.

This is why women are attracted towards confident men, they have the confidence to make decisions no matter how big or how small with out someone else's permission.

The point of the article is this never ask for a women approval, just say it. This shows you are confident and will create attraction.

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