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Pickup Line Advice: The Dating Dilemma

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The Dating Dilemma

I am going to talk about what I call the "dating dilemma".

Let's look back 50-100 years ago, yes that is probably before most of us have been born :-) if it isn't please no offence intended. Back in the olden days dating was more or less simple.

Woman were always fixated on the idea that they had to marry a man, and be a good housewife. Her level of attraction that she felt for him was not as important, one of the most important factors was whether he was good honest working, kind, considerate man who would look after her.

Well 50-100 years on, woman are now a lot more independent, but things haven't changed completely.

Not matter what a woman says, it is proven that woman want a man to depend on, yet are able to do so in a way were they still keep there independence.

There is a small dating history tutorial for you I would go into more detail about past dating but I will save the past dating techniques which with some tweaking can be adjusted to fit into the dating lifestyle that is lived during the present for a later issue.

The problem that is occurring is that the more that woman have evolved, the more men seem to be declining in the skills of good dating.

It is no longer a girl only aim in live to settle down and get married. Most men don't understand this and always come on to fast to quick and end up scaring her off.

The Dating Dilemma is - Men move to fast and act to emotional and insecure around woman. They don't know what way to act. Most men are to scared to take control in a relationship incase they scare her off and don't realize by not doing so they don't realize the girl that they are dating is becoming less and less attracted towards them.

I am going to give you 5 key points that you will follow while dating,

1) Take control - ( Example ) -

If you take a girl out for dinner don't ask her were she would like to go just take her to a place of your choice.

2) Approaching a Girl -

Don't act nervous or worried, be confident, take slow confident step towards her, shoulders back and control your eyes and keep a good level of eye contact.

Try not to look like a maniac or look strange in your approach. Practice makes perfect, look in a mirror, get your walk correct.

That may seem quite funny, but trust me, portray confident body language is very important. After all Body language sends out a bigger impression of yourself that the words you actually say.

3) Hold back on the compliments -

Don't try and flatter a girl, it doesn't work. In fact it may only work 1% of the time.

If your speaking to a girl and getting on well, then maybe buying her a rose or something of the people that walk around selling them. She will probably give you the aww your so sweet treatment, pull back and go wow it's only a rose.

Don't fall into the trap of telling her she is worth it and stuff.

4) Learn to stop when the going is good -

Knowing when to move in is a very important factor. Look for the signs, She will be quite touchy touchy, give you the eye treatment, wee smiles at most things you say, be quite deep into the conversation. Stop ask her number tell her you better get back to your friends now, ask for her number, tell her you would like to take her out at some point later in the week.

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2004 Chris Fox


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