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Pickup Line Advice: Generating Attraction

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By The Dating Gurus
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Generating Attraction

One of the hardest parts of dating is learning to generate attraction. Many women may be attracted towards you but may not feel attraction for you.

Being attracted towards someone else is a spare of the moment reaction.

Generating attraction can only be done through personality. Women don't date men just because they are good looking if that is the case the relationship won't last long. Attraction is an emotion that you cause someone else to feel towards you.

Being attracted towards someone is mainly based on there physical appearance. I am sure you have seen it before, hot looking girl with an average looking guy.

Recent surveys have shown that when asked, What do you like most about your girlfriend they would either say her legs, ass, breasts but when women were asked the exact same question about their boyfriends they would respond with personality.

Maybe when you approach a girl in club or mall, she may not feel initially attracted towards you but that doesn't mean it will stay like that. By using your personality you can create the more powerful influence attraction. Most men get all nervous when making initial contact with a girl, they have so many different thoughts running through their head that they simply forget what to say.

I know I used to be the same myself.

Remember whatever self persona good or bad you hold of your self it doesn't matter.

With most women it really is personality that counts ( unless she is Anna Nicole Smith and decides to marry a dying 70 year old man for love ah hem I'm sure ) :-)

When approaching a girl give yourself 3 minutes, don't chicken out and walk of before then, no matter how bad it seems to be going.

When you approach a girl you have to remember that she was not expecting that to happen. She isn't physic and she doesn't know that in 2 minutes she has to stop talking to her friends or what ever it is she is doing because some guy is going to come over and speak to her.

On a time scale lets say, 30 seconds before she begins to feel a bit at ease. Another 30 seconds before she readjusts from what she was previously doing, before listening to what you have to say.

The next minute before she forgets what she was previously doing, dropping her barrier and deciding whether she is interested in you. The minute after that whether you have said enough to her for her to consider going out on date with you or considering talking to you further.

It really does take over 60 seconds before you can get a girl to start properly speaking to you.

I have been successfully dating for over 3 years now and there is no way you can walk up to a girl and have her full attention in under 60 seconds.

You can get a quick pick up but that is dealt with in detail in my new book " Ultimate Pick Up and Dating Guide ". If you want to get your hands on a copy of this you will be given the chance at the end of this newsletter.

For now let's continue:
After the initially 60 seconds it is a lot easier, she is mush more likely to get involved in the conversation and respond to comments you make. That what dating is about, getting girls to respond positively to what are saying.

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What is are the best things to say in those 3 minutes, all the best in-depth stuff is in my new book but I will give you a good idea of the process you need to follow.
1) - Never allow a long dead silence. Even if you do not have a slight idea of what to say, just say or do something. Anything!
2) - Always ask or make open ended comments or questions. Say something that has to create a reaction. Statements are a no.

Example, Nice place in here ------- yeah it is quite nice that is a statement.

Open ended questions or comments 90% of the time begin with the words,

What,When, How, Why and Where

By doing this you will cause her to respond and will be creating that reaction. The more you can get her to answer a question and the more she thinks you are interested in what she is trying to say the more chance you have of generating the attraction.

Women love the fact that they are being heard. "Someone is listening to what I have to say". But that is the same for everyone.

The best way to do this is through eye contact, even allow yourself a small split second glimpse over her and then straight back to maintaining eye contact.

Try not to look like an axe murder but have more of a sexy kind of eye contact. If your unsure of what I mean then you are in a bad mood or angry at something, look in the mirror and see your own eyes. You will notice an angry contact between you and the mirror :-) use the opposite eye contact of angry.

Learn to use your own voice to more effect. Speak slowly surly and more deeply. All women love a very slowly deep speaking voice. Women find this to be very sexy and very attractive.

The valuable dating information that I am providing you with is only the tip of the ice berg. There is even more information, techniques, methods involved in generating attraction and picking up and dating women.

If you want to learn the top techniques and methods then make sure you grab a copy of my book " Ultimate Pick Up and Dating Guide " this will provide you with the dating information that you need to know.

"Think about this way this book will cost you the price of 2 cinema tickets!"

The choice is yours: miss a trip to the cinema and dramatically increase your dating or go to the cinema with your mates instead of an attractive date.

"It is up to you, I know what 99% of men find more important"

Order The Ultimate Pick Up & Dating Guide HereTill Next Time,

Chris Fox
Author of "The Ultimate Pick Up & Dating Guide"

2004 Chris Fox


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