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Pickup Line Advice: Learn To Listen

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Learn To Listen

When you walk up to a "random" woman and start speaking to her, while she is speaking to you do you think about the response that you are going to give as she talks?

Or do you listen?

If she is talking to you and your thinking about how you are going to respond your not really listening to what she is saying, are you?

Your thoughts are busy thinking about the response.

The problem that most men have when they speak to women, is that they concentrate on what to say next or how to reply to what she is saying instead of listening, once she has finished speaking then you decide what to say.

Use the techniques that you learned to help generate the response that is going to make her take an interest in you. Learn to listen, the more you listen the easier it's going to be to give a reply. A good reply at that.

Look at it in a way of, every time you are speaking to a girl you are trying to get as much information on her as possible.

She is saying how she got promoted, reply with how long have you worked there? she replies then say, what are your weekly hours, she replies pay well then?, she replies.

She talks about how she wants to go on holidays to such and such a place, why do you want to go there, she replies, seems as good a reason as any, have you been before?, she replies, how long are you going for?, she replies, who are you going with?

It isn't that hard. Now what you have done is built up a mini relationship between you and her. She speaks, you listen. At some point she is going to ask about you. Take it on board that you have already gathered up all this handy information on her. Now you have quite a bit to work with.

You know about her job and were she wants to go on holidays. When you start speaking, start incorporating what you already know about her into the conversation, use humor, pick out some thing that she said, expand on it, adding your own personal wee sub-plot and try to and embarrass her.

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The more you do this, the easier it gets and the more successful you become.

While we're on the subject, here is a line that I like use as an ice breaker. The aim of this is to get her to call you a nerd, can be done in many ways but one I like to use is,

You: Do you like star wars
Her: no not really
You: c'mon you gotta like star wars, obi wan and all that
Her: Your a bit of a nerd
You: Easy now, the last girl that called me that ended up trying to kiss me. We've only just met, so let's just stick with the talking at the minute
Her: Lol
You: Im watching you, no funny business, women these days, only after one thing, tut tut

Pretty good line to break the ice. It also gives you the upper hand, you have made it look like it is her who is trying to chat you up.

Some girls might just give you the "stare", give the exact same stare back and then say "I don't mean to disappoint you, but I can't see any future between us, nice speaking to you though". Don't move anywhere just stand in the same place, but take all eye contact of her. Some women will try to speak to you again others won't.

Hope you've enjoyed this week's dating tip.

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Chris Fox
Author of "The Ultimate Pick Up & Dating Guide"

2004 Chris Fox


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