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Pickup Line Advice: Being Successful

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Is Being Successful At Dating About One Pick Up Line?

Becoming successful at dating involves many different factors. You need to learn and practice each factor.
The most important factors:
* Self-confidence
* Self-secure
* Making a good 1st impression
* Interesting conversation
* Body Language
* Dress code

A very important point about dating is pick up lines.

Do they work?

The answer to that question is yes and no. Pick up lines are a very good way to start of the conversation. The problem is that most men do not know how and when to use pick up lines. A lot of people think that pick up lines do not work. That is because they walk over, say the line and within a minute he ends up getting rejected.

The reason why is the pick up line will have caught her attention but then he did not know how to follow through and keep her interested.

The art of the pick up line is knowing exactly what to say when she responds and what to say if she does not respond.

Even if she doesn't respond it doesn't mean your going to be rejected.

You can't walk over, say one line and expect her to be giving you hugs & kisses all night. It just isn't as simple as that.

You need to fully understand and learn each factor and exactly how you can make pick up lines work for you.

Every time you approach any girl the first line you say is always a pick up line. It is the respond you give to her reply that will get you her full attention.

The best part is, any pick up line you say you can nearly be 99% sure that she is not going to give the response you expect. So forget about all this thinking of knowing what she is going to say.

Instead making pick up lines work is knowing what your response will be to whatever reply she gives.

Self confidence -
This is what women are immediately attracted towards. Even if you have been useless with women in the past doesn't mean you can't gain good self-confidence.
Self- confidence is portrayed by sub conscious signs. From the stance of your body to the way in which you speak. It is very important to learn these.

Self-secure -
I mean this in the sense of being emotionally secure. Women are not attracted to men who act emotionally fragile.
For example - men who want to move to fast in the relationship. Always declaring there feelings. If you give of any signs that you are very "interested" at an early stage you will scare her off.

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Making a good 1st impression -
It is a proven statistic that women will know within 2 minutes if they are interested in the person they are speaking to. Making a good 1st impression is very important.
Knowing what to say, how to act, what sub-conscious body signals your body stance is giving off. All this is very important.

Interesting conversation -
You walk over say a very confident pick up line, she replies then suddenly everything you thought about saying disappears and at that very moment you just want to crawl back into your shell.
Even worse she doesn't reply and you just end up walking of with your tail tightly tucked between your legs.
What ever pick up line you give, you must keep the next thing you say in exactly the same tone and along the same lines.
This is not easy to do. Once you know how to do, your dating life is going to become a very fun and successful one.

Body Language -
You would be amazed at what signals your body language gives of. Knowing exactly each of these signals is vital.
Better still, when you learn how to read a ladies body language it will let you know if the girl you are speaking to is interested in you. There are many small tests in which you can do to find this out.
Knowing a woman's body language makes dating even more fun. It always keeps you one step a head of her.

Dress code -
Give yourself a good appearance. Have a nice cologne. Women like men who know how to dress well and have a bit of style about them. There is a lot of detail involved in learning and mastering each of the required factors to become successful at dating.

This is not an overnight process but trust me if you are useless or quite poor at dating you can change this by learning each of the factors I have mentioned.

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Chris Fox
Author of "The Ultimate Pick Up & Dating Guide"

2004 Chris Fox


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