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Pickup Line Advice: Two Stages Of Dating

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By The Dating Gurus
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2 Stages of Dating

- The Pick Up
- The First Date

The Pick Up

A few things you need to know when approaching women if you want to be successful.

After a few minutes of speaking to a girl don't immediately ask her phone number. This will just make you appear to be desperate and if you were lucky enough to get her number chances are that it is a fake number or she just won't answer your call.

Make sure you don't comment on any part of her body i.e her legs, arms etc this will just create a paranoia effect for her and instead of concerning herself about speaking to you she will probably be wondering what part of her body you are looking at now.

If you are going to go on the dance floor with her make sure you have a fair idea of how to dance. Don't be over extravagant, just go with the way she is dancing. In a sense go with the flow.

Remember not to build yourself up to much and explain to her about how much you can bench press, etc.

Once you make the approach you need to immediately accept that you are right bang center in the lions den. Instead of getting nervous just forget about it and go for it.

Worrying about it is were you will go wrong. Do it without thinking. Walking up to a girl and offering to buy her a drink is saying 2 things:
1) I am a wuss and I am hoping this will impress you
2) I don't know what to say so I will offer to buy you a drink in the hope you will start a conversation

The next time you are out walk up to a girl and use this line, this will work and you can thank me later:
"Hi, you caught my eye when I came into the room. What's your name"

She will have a flattered look on her face, and will tell you her name and start talking to you. Remember that once she starts speaking to you don't go into wuss mode.

e.g. paying her compliments, buying her drinks. Make sure you stay confident and funny. When a girl gives you a compliment, for example:

" You're funny "
" You look good "
" You smell nice "

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Always answer with either of these 2 lines
" I'm glad you like it "
" Thanks for noticing "

The above compliments were some examples you can work them 2 lines into the most compliments you receive.

The First Date

When you are speaking to a girl always remember to pay attention to her. Even if what she is saying is not in the slight bit interesting still listen to what she has to say. Maintain eye contact and listen to everything that she has to speak about.

Girls love men who show interest in what she has to say. One of the best dates you could do is to make her a home cooked meal. In other words learn to cook something fancy and tasty.

By doing this, she is in your home and you can silently impress her with your cooking talents. Have you never noticed how women always seem to be attracted to chef's?

Always have manners if you eat out. Whatever the waitress or waiter does always say thank you. This will impress her yet again.

Remain humorous, go and find some funny jokes on the Internet. Don't go overboard though, just learn a few for some witty comments every now and again.

Dress well. Find something stylish to wear and also make sure to use a nice cologne. One I came across lately that has got me many compliments is Acqua di Gio Men by Armani. It is not too expensive.

On the first date take her to a place were you will both feel comfortable. Go somewhere you have been before that you know is chilled and relaxed.

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Chris Fox
Author of "The Ultimate Pick Up & Dating Guide"

2004 Chris Fox


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