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Questions to ask a man (or woman) to get to know him/her better in the shortest amount of time

Here’s the scenario:

You are out and about, doing the chores that you normally do, so you are by yourself, grocery shopping, taking the dog for a walk, picking up your dry cleaning, etc, when you are approached by a stranger that begins some type of small talk (chit chat) with you.

Double Your Dating eBookOr maybe you started the conversation; after all, they seemed appealing enough after a quick once-over.

You quickly find this person has an interesting point of view and maybe a good sense of humor but you need to know more about them before you move to the next stage of trading email addresses (we don’t recommend trading phone numbers unless you have a service such as Skype).

So here we present to you a list of questions that will help you to learn more about this person, quickly. After you’ve looked for a wedding ring, of course.

1. Have you lived around here long?

2. Have you used this service/shopped here long?

These first two questions will help you gain some insight about how long the person has been in your neighborhood and let you know if they move around or are a stable owner/renter. It’s also safe to ask their opinion about small restaurants or coffee shops to further add to the fact that they are from your area or location.

3. There seems to be a lot of kids (or not very many kids) in the neighborhood, don’t you think?

4. Do you know “so-and-so”?

The third question will help you find out if they have kids and whether they go to school in the area, maybe even leading to facts about child custody and if they are a full-time or part-time single parent. The fourth question will help you find out another area of commonality, maybe you have some friends/neighbors in common of you/they work with someone you both know.

5. Have you noticed the traffic getting worse on (name of street)?

6. Do you work around here?

These questions will help you to gain insight as to whether they own a car, the person’s type of job/career, if they travel far to work, as well as re-enforcing the fact that they are from around your neighborhood. These questions can also direct the conversation to the fact that they are in the process of looking for a new job or about to get a raise/promotion, if they feel comfortable enough to continue this line of conversation with you.

7. Ask if they can recommend another service for shopping/laundry in place of where you are now.

8. Ask if they’ve ever tried a different business/service instead of where you are now.

This will help to keep them talking about their experiences in the chores of life, be it shopping, laundry or even walking the dog. Maybe they, or you, have a suggestion about the freshness of grocery items, the quickness of clothes driers, the fastest way to get your dog to poop on a cold winter’s day.

Covertly, these questions will establish how the person keeps up with their basic life chores or if they fall behind and end up rushing around when they have no more clothes to wear, no food to eat, etc. They will help you establish enough knowledge about this person to decide, quickly, if they are worth taking the next step with, the coffee date.

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