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Change Should Not Threaten Your Relationship

Have The Relationship You Want"You're About To Learn How To Instantly Make A Man Want To Get Close And Stay Close To You Forever..." By Rori Raye

This article: "Change Should Not Threaten Your Relationship. Being in love and falling out of love are just two different ways to look at the person in your life. Your approach to the most important person in your life changes as you become accustomed to each other."

This is one of the toughest, and truest, statements about relationships you'll ever read: Keeping Love Alive Does Not Take Hard Work!

It's east to fall into a rut, to just let life work it's ways and not try to change it's course.

But you are always in control of your own life and your own romance. The secret is to know how and when to give up control to maintain love.

When you notice changes in your relationship appearing you've got to pay attention whether they are good changes or changes that could eventually destroy what you have with him.

We've all seen movies where the hero and heroine split up. She wonders, or cries to her friends, that he "won't fight for her". And yet, the most common complaint from men is how she is "so controlling". But, when the heroine and hero come to terms with each other, they both give up control to the other, they submit to love, rather than trying to force love upon the other.

You have to give love, and be a servant to love, to get love returned to you.

Sounds easy, right?

Yes, I know it doesn't sound easy at all. It might not even make any sense... yet.

You could do all the relationship tests in books and online and get scores, both high and low, but they won't help you to get to a safe place to begin to repair your relationship until you've learned the basics of communication with your better half.

If you want to know why your relationship is in a rut, if you want to know why the man in your life seems to take you for granted, there is one place to find the answer right now.

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