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Creating Your Ideal Relationship

Have The Relationship You Want"You're About To Learn How To Instantly Make A Man Want To Get Close And Stay Close To You Forever..." By Rori Raye
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This article: "Can you create the perfect relationship and make it last?"

The subject of countless essays and books, creating the perfect relationship is a challenge even to the most stable and forgiving of people.

Why is making your relationship perfect and happy such a challenge?

The easy answer is, of course, that men and women are different.

The tougher answer is that men and women are different and they don't understand each other well, they don't communicate well.

0Perfect relationships are a combination of trust, communication and forgiveness.

These three pillars need steady ground maintain any relationship. Happiness is the end result of the careful cultivation of trusting your partner, talking and listening with care and allowing your partner to make amends when mistakes are made.

Don't get me wrong, trust, communication and forgiveness does not allow either partner to take advantage of the other's good will, some errors in judgment will take more than a forgiving nature to overcome.

You do need to understand what you want in a perfect relationship and how you can "change yourself" to accomplish this goal.

You need to be able to understand your needs and change yourself because if you are trying to change your partner you are on the way of breaking the pillar of trust. You are not trusting your partner to be who they are and you want them to be what you expect them to be. Others can only be changed as a reflection of how they are treated and how you behave.

Take a moment and imagine the perfect relationship you want to have.

How does it feel, what are the sensual undertones of this relationship. How are the times spent together different in your imagination from what the relationship is in your real world?

It's best to write down and carefully consider your ideal relationship. Hold onto this list.

This is your dream and it can be attained. But this ideal is not a one-woman movement. Relationships take two. And with two imperfect individuals, a man and a woman that are born distinctly different and mature in different ways need to find a common ground to make their relationship perfect.

Hold onto your list. Consider the three pillars of a perfect relationship: Trust, communication and forgiveness.

You have the power to merge these two lists and reach your goal of a happy, loving, perfect relationship.

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