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Getting Less Than What You Want?

Men do care about closeness.

Men do care about doing the things needed to keep a relationship afloat.

The problem with men is that their idea of "what it takes" is often the bare minimum of what is really needed.

When it's up to you to form the starting point of getting what you want from the man in your life how do you get started?

Are you afraid to be close and push your anxiety of closeness onto his actions?

Or is he really just that aloof and unaware of what's needed to make you happy?

You can back away and see if he steps up to the job of moving closer to you but that isn't a real solution, it can be a quick fix or it can backfire completely.

You need immediate changes to how you approach him and this relationship breaking point so that you aren't next looking for information on saving your relationship instead of fixing it.

Learn the tools you need right here.



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