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How To 'Stand Up For Love'

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This article: "If I asked you to prove your love, would it really mean jumping in front of a truck?"

Let's face it, love is a BIG THING!


It's what brings us together and holds us close.

But there are times when it seems that love is not enough, that it's easier to follow a routine and just let things be.

Letting things be is not what any of us want. Not ever.

'Standing up for love' is all about understanding change, accepting that love has many different levels, some we will willingly explore and some will be thrust upon us.

It's how you demonstrate love, to the person you love and the people around you, that truly defines the love you have for your partner.

Love is shown in big ways and small ways.

Love is buying a fancy vacation and it's in remembering that your husband/wife likes to drink bottled iced tea and bringing one home for them.

When you're asked to 'prove your love' what this really means is 'what have you not been doing that shows you love me'.

The small things keep a relationship steady through the big things.

The economy is bad, does the divorce rat have to follow? No, of course not.

Open communication is the true key to "standing up for love" because without the ability to talk about anything and everything love is overshadowed by the fear of whatever it is that cannot be spoken.

If you are having a hard time with open communication with your partner it's time to start a private list. Write down the things that you would like to talk about but don't. Add to this list the reasons why these things are not talked about.

Whether financial, emotional, relationship or professional issues are causing hardship it is always a bigger deal when not talked about.

By writing these things down and adding the reasons why they are hidden topics from your love you can also start to be logical, not emotional, about these topics.

And you will find your way to openness.

You will find your way to relationship satisfaction again as these issues are brought into the open and left to become the insignificant things they really are.

Open love conquers all.

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