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Have The Relationship You Want: Modern Siren Series

Rori's articles make practical sense towards helping you build and maintain the relationship you want to have and deserve to have!

Articles based on the "Have The Relationship You Want" book


Becoming the Modern Siren is a personal transformation that will affect every aspect of your life in a ;positive way.

Much more than just a lesson plan you'll find real-world advice that you can apply to everday relationship situations, defuse disagreements and learn the methods for improvng your relationship in a transformative way that not only chnage syour outlook in a positive way but also chnages the attitudes of the ones you love.

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Have you ever felt like your wellbeing depended on how a man was feeling and acting? Wet, or cold, or moody, or even withdrawing from you or neglecting you because of his own "issues," then you feel terrible?

I remember that this was what my entire love life was like - for most of my life.

It was as though my relationship to myself and my LIFE depended on how my man was relating to me.

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