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Recipes For Love

This article: "Let your actions speak louder than any words you've ever spoken" article by Robert Lee

I want you to stop and think about your relationship.

Why is your relationship boring?

Why does your husband or boyfriend ignore you?

Why is loving someone just so damn hard?

From my experiences I have found that when you don't give love, you don't get love.

Now, I don't mean sex, I mean real, deep down "I would do anything for you" love.

We all had this at one time in our relationship, how did it get away from us?

As we go through our daily lives the dullness of routine carves a piece out of our love for our mate.

What was once a treat and something special is now a oven-heated pre-made dinner that sits like a lump on the dinner plate.

No romance there, right?

If you think hard you'll understand that it's not the grand romance gestures that is missing from your love life, but the small tokens of affection and love that are missing from the otherwise mundane existence we go through until the holidays come, or a special planned vacation date arrives.

The Recipe For Love is a simple recipe, one that begins with small, loving gestures and natures into the harmony of love that only two committed people can experience.

  • Write "I love you" notes and stuff them into briefcases, suit pockets, on car mirrors. Do this once a week, in different places, maybe even spicing up the words to a more erotic and personal tone.
  • Start having dinner later in the evening, after the kids are down, so you can have a bit of "special time" around the dinner table, just the two of you. This is a great alternative to the out-of-the-house dinner date that maybe you can't afford or don't have the freedom to allow.
  • 60 minutes of "Two-Time" a couple of times a week. Even if you're just watching TV together, or reading different books, create this time to spend together, free of other concerns, for 60 minutes, just being in each other's company.
  • Cook a favorite dinner, and add a bottle of wine to the meal
  • Give a romantic greeting card
  • Buy a magazine you know he'd like
  • There are many more ways to show, in little but significant ways, that your love is not burned out, that the flame still survives the dullness of the ordinary you have fallen into.

If you suspect that it's you that needs to do all the work, well, it is.

Not for any other reason than you recognize what you feel is lacking in your relationship and you understand that knowing this is the first step to action - to fixing up the ordinary into something quite spectacular - the love you have for your man.

Have The Relationship You WantThis is not a lecture... this is the first step.

Take the next step ... read... learn...

Live. Love.

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Thank you for spending this time with me,
Robert Lee


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