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Making Up, Sex and Intimacy

Making up is one part of a relationship. But how do we really heal?

We've all had fights with our partners, it's a side effect of relationships and individualism.

And we stay together because we can understand that these issues aren't big enough to tear us apart, hurt feelings, misunderstandings and even betrayal aside.

But how do you move from being hurt to starting to heal?

What words and actions need to happen to put us back into that "secure relationship" place again?

And who's responsibility is it?

There isn't one answer to these questions but there is a set of steps that can happen, actions from both of you, that make you feel safe and loved again.

One such action is often called "make-up sex" but that's a crude description of an intimate sharing between two people that allows us to give and receive so completely that the real healing that comes from acceptance starts.

We fight because of differences, we accept because we love each other.

We heal as we depend on each other for strength.

For more tips to get started healing after a fight with your spouse watch Rori Raye's video.


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