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"Revolutionary Sex" For Women by Alex Allman

The Power To Give & Get Pleasure

If you're uncertain whether or not you're giving pleasure to your partner, and are too afraid to ask, then you're not alone.

If you're lacking the power over your own sexual satisfaction, then you're in the same league as many women, an overwhelming majority, that are uncertain of the "sexual limits' that can be reached.

As odd as it may seem, if you're not happy giving pleasure through sex, then you're also likely not happy in what you're receiving during sex.

The time to stop taking what you get, and pretending to be satisfied, is over.

"Does he like this?"

"Is this ok?"

Relationships are incredibly hard and sex is just a small component of any relationship that, over time, dissatisfaction in bed manifests itself into dissatisfaction in a greater part of the relationship.

 Who is responsible for "doing the work" to make a relationship continue? The phrase "best Friends For Life" takes a beating when sex becomes a chore instead of a treat.

When the sex is good love flows. When the sex is bad the relationship suffers and often dies.

What makes sex good for a woman?

Intimacy is a very personal scale of comfort and closeness, of appeal and excitement, of interest and dedication.

Guys get this, in black and white, but they don't understand how this involves their own intimacy with the woman they are with.

And now you're getting permission to be not promiscuous, but seeking satisfaction with the man you're involved with, by being aware of what truly satisfies you.

You're eyes are opening. There is an awareness that this is something you can attain. Without the glorified sexual images of someone you're not achieving something you can't.

"Revolutionary Sex For Women" is about leading you to discovery, showing you the truth of not only being sexual but also of how you can get the man you're with to satisfy you.

You'll learn...

#1 - Show you how to be comfortable with your own sexuality

#2 - Allow a guy to be comfortable enough to lose his own inhibitions

There's a lot more, so you've got to make the choice: will you move ahead or stay back where you are now?


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For Her: Self Conscious About Sexual Pleasure?


I am a 28 year old and feel funny about having sex with my husband... I used to be intense and not enjoy sex...

Well, I have been taking your advice... and I enjoy it so much that I squirt every time now and more and more each time... am I enjoying it too much or just go with it?... why do I feel embarrassed when I squirt and how can overcome that?? Thanks a lot for your advice and emails I love them.


Well, you have a very high quality problem there! And you also have a great opportunity for some beautiful personal growth that will make you happier in EVERY area of your life.

Every human experiences shame and embarrassment in some areas of their life-- it's just the way we are wired, and it is really one of the worst feelings you can have. But it is ALL IN YOUR HEAD.

The life blood of shame is secrecy. If you declare the things you are ashamed of, you discover that nobody else really judges you about it (trust me on this), and the shame vanishes.

I believe that if you come clean with your husband and tell him that you are feeling some awkwardness and embarrassment about how much you've been enjoying sex with him lately... I'm pretty sure he will scoop you up, give you a lot of kisses, and tell you that are you being silly and that HE LOVES IT.

That experience of speaking what you are ashamed of and then getting love in return is priceless.

In my experience with a huge number of clients, it happens this way almost every time. Then tell some of your close girlfriends about it too.

Tell them that you are experiencing all of this amazing sexual pleasure and that you feel a bit awkward and embarrassed by it (make sure you also tell them where you got my program! LOL!) and just notice their reaction!

I think you'll see that once you've spoken it, the shame disappears and you can go back to being proud and powerful in your amazing, beautiful sexuality. Final note: Rolled up towels in the drawer closest to the bed.

Clean, fluffy, high quality, soft towels. Lots of them!

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Revolutionary Sex For Women

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