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First Time In Bed Together: First Impressions

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Whether it is your first date or your 10th... the first time you end up in bed with a new partner is always a big deal.

Women at least have some forewarning... she usually KNOWS that she's going to give the green light tonight and she's had some time to mentally prepare (or to drive herself crazy with anxiety).

For men the uncertainty that it's going to happen usually lasts until she doesn't bolt for the door when she sees the condom come out of the bedside drawer (or wallet, pocket, or mysteriously appear through some magical sleight of hand).

And in direct contradiction to what your mom always told you-- the better you know each other and the more strongly you like each other, the more nerve-rattling the whole thing is going to be.

I suppose that somewhere in our minds we want our partner to be good. We don't want to be disappointed. We want them to be good lovers. We want them to look at least as good naked as we expect them to based on what we see when they are dressed. We want them to smell good and be comfortable being sexy...

But all of that is small potatoes... mostly we worry about OURSELVES and we are going to stack up in their mind.

We worry about being good. We worry about disappointing them. We worry about being a good lover. We worry about looking at least as good naked as we do when we are dressed. We worry about smelling good and our own discomfort with our own sexuality and sexual desires.

Last Longer In Bed With Proven System - Free Video So look, if I could impart one piece of golden advice on you about this subject: Always remember that your partner is just as anxious as you are... and about him/herself... not about you.

If you want to be GREAT IN BED the first time together... just be conscious of your partner's anxiety and do what you can to make them feel at ease.

Just that.

If a woman is patient, and has a sense of humor about sex, and isn't so nervous that she's in a hurry to get started or freaks out if things go differently than expected, if she's relaxed enough to let him lead and feel masculine, if she makes him feel good about his body and his ability... chances are she will be rewarded by a better than average performance... and by a great sexual first impression.

For men, the subject is more harrowing being anxiety can lead to the dreaded inability to get an erection or the dreaded premature ejaculation... So your sense of humor and general comfort is going to go a long way to soothing those fears and preventing them from happening.

By the way, if you are a man reading this and the above paragraph gave you an icy feeling of anxiety in your chest, you should check out my free video.

E.D. and premature ejaculation can be easily controlled with the tips in that free video.

More importantly they both can be controlled by simply following the same advice that I just gave to the women--

Be mindful of HER anxiety. Put her at ease. Let her know that she is even better looking naked than with clothing on (you might want to let her know that you feel that way about a dozen times, in fact). Be patient. Have a sense of humor. Be comfortable with your body and hers and gently lead so that she can feel good about her sexuality and her femininity.

If you make her feel good about her body and her sexuality, if you can put her at ease and make sex easy and fun and free from awkwardness for her, she will probably reward you by having more powerful than average orgasms in your arms... and you will make a fantastic first impression.

It's worth noting that lasting all night or having an above average sized penis will probably get you a point or two... but those things are about a hundred times less important than the other stuff. Just KNOWING that fact will put you way ahead of most men in terms of your ability to sexually please a woman.

And for both of you... if you focus on gently managing your PARTNER'S anxieties, you will go miles towards completely forgetting your own anxiety... you might even feel downright CONFIDENT.

And nothing is sexier than that.

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