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Can Great Sex Breakup-Proof Your Relationship?

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Let me give you a warning in advance about the material in this article, when used as directed you'll always have a warm body in bed with you!

Article based on "Revolutionary Sex" ebook

Let me give it to you straight:
if you’re getting the sense that your wife or girlfriend has become less interested in you physically, it IS possible.

I know this isn’t easy to hear. It’s tough when you start thinking that she’s losing interest in you. Or that you’re anything less than a great lover.

It’s also hard for a woman to share with YOU that she’s less than satisfied.

Sure- it’s EASY for her to share with her girlfriends, but breaking it to you is another story.

I hate to even put this out there, but in some cases she might just bail out altogether before getting up the courage to actually TALK about it with you.

Believe me: SHE doesn’t want to go there any more than YOU do. It's a very scary conversation to have... and for many women, it's easier to just avoid it.

That's why so many women FAKE IT.

But listen- you have MUCH more control here than you even know.

I’m going to tell you how to approach your relationship in a new way, one that will keep both of you satisfied. There won’t be any need for either of you to venture into that messy ‘We need to talk’ territory.

And you’ll never force your partner to face the challenge that goes along with having 'the talk' with you about your performance. In fact, you just might be able to very happily surprise her in a number of ways.

And maybe even surprise yourself.

Because MIND-BLOWING SEX is the best way to assure you of a VERY secure relationship.

You can LEARN to be the kind of lover who satisfies his woman in ways she never would have imagined.

First off, you need to realize that it’s not just about the sex alone. It’s about the INTIMACY that you create WITHIN the sex.

Because when you achieve DEEP INTIMACY, you’re making a connection that she'd never find by going out and just having sex with anyone. The combination of sex AND intimacy is the ultimate prize for women. And it will make your relationship literally BREAKUP-PROOF.

You owe yourself that kind of security.

And the great news: It’s well within your reach.

I really want you to have a good grasp on a few basic tools that you can use at any time, whether it’s a weekday morning or a Saturday night, and all you’ll need is YOU.

It’s about your body AND your soul… your mind AND your heart.

Once you understand what intimacy combined with great sex can really be, you will re-juice the relationship so intensely that she won’t know what hit her.

Let’s talk about TAKING THE LEAD.

If you’ve been using a general strategy of spontaneity, of ‘letting things happen’- then you’re not alone.

You’re also using the WRONG strategy.

Whether you've been in your relationship long term, or it's still a new thing – couples develop certain routines, and these routines usually don’t include making time for sex.

You have to learn to be the initiator.

Even though women have become much more proactive in modern relationships, in all kinds of ways-- when it comes to sex, she’s depending on you to lead.

And unfortunately, it’s not as simple as saying, “You want to have sex?” and heading for the bedroom.

If only it were that easy.

Think about how you usually get in the mood. It doesn’t happen instantaneously (OK- maybe sometimes it does for you; but don’t count on it happening that way for HER).

For her, getting in the mood happens over time – over the course of a date, or even time spent at home – and it always involves making a CONNECTION.

When you’re early in a relationship, and everything’s still fresh and new, it’s easy to be fully engaged, to be focused and excited about EVERYTHING.

In other words, you're horny all the time.

As things get to be more routine, it becomes very easy to become distracted, to take things for granted, to be less than fully connected.

And believe me: when you’re showing signs of distraction, your partner will notice INSTANTLY.

This is where you need to take the reigns and be proactive about enlivening your relationship.

Show initiative in whatever ways that you can-- planning a date; getting the door for her; initiating conversation (if that's not something you're known for, she'll especially appreciate it). And as you talk with her, lock eyes with each other-- this is a great way to not only get her attention and begin planting the seeds of passion, but it actually gets YOU more engaged and passionate as well.

As men are more drawn to looks and physical attraction, women are drawn to CONFIDENCE.

Now, this part isn’t easy: you’ can’t just fake confidence-- I know that. Most of us struggle with insecurities.

Even me.

But you CAN choose to be decisive, and you CAN be confident about your actions if you bring some intention to them.

Women are turned off by indecision and timidity. Women dig confidence.

Nothing else pushes their attraction buttons in quite the same way. If you can demonstrate confidence through your decision-making and by taking the lead, even for a night (or a date) — you WILL get results. And this in turn will give you more confidence.

When you learn to demonstrate confidence towards your partner, she’ll melt in your presence the way she never has, and you won’t even have to ask her if she wants to have sex, because she'll be the one tearing YOUR clothes off.

Confidence is a process.

The more you learn, and the better you get at it, the more confidence you'll naturally develop.

That's why I strongly recommend that if this stuff is making sense to you right now, and especially when you start seeing real results from what I've just told you, that you TAKE THE NEXT STEP and download my Revolutionary Sex eBook here.Click here to read more about "Revolutionary Sex" by Alex Allman

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