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Greatest Sex Secret She Will Not Tell You

"Revolutionary Sex" by Alex Allman"More than anything, whether it's the first time or the five hundredth time, women expect a proper amount of sexual pleasure from their man in bed. The issue is women won't tell you what the real secret to great sex is no matter how freaky they are in bed! - Robert, editor.

Article based on the "Revolutionary Sex" ebook

Guy's think, rightly or wrongly, that the bigger the penis the better they are in bed - automatically.

I remember seeing this "Catch the Predator" show where a busted guy (for trying to have sex with an underage girl) pulled out this big plastic monster from his pants. he'd stuff his wee little dinky in this plastic monster and, I guess, get off on his teeny-weeny being in this plastic monster that was inside the girl, probably freaking her out forever on how much it hurt and how big this penis was. We'll never know the truth, he was, after all, busted.

The reality is that men are concerned about the size of their package. The other side of the coin that there's enough you can do to a woman to please her that size really, honestly, only matters in your mind and not her pussy (unless she's had 15 vaginal births and carries her milk home between her legs...ugh.)

What guys that are about to screw their heads off and create, hopefully, a screaming multi-orgasmic woman, under 9on top) of them is this, the secret she won't share with you:


Now, don't get bent out of shape quite yet, you've made it this far all ready.

We like it when our women get "wet". No matter the circumstances, when she whispers in your ear that you're making her wet by what you're doing, showing or maybe even not doing, it's an automatic turn-on for us men.

And she tells you this "secret" so that you'll do, or show, this same thing again. And again.

To get her in the mood, dude!

Most sex experts are going to be certain to tell you so that you know that it's the friction with the penis moving in and out (and all about) the vagina that does heighten sex for the both of you.

What most sex experts don't tell you, and what your woman won't tell you either, is that as long as she's "wet" sex is good.

What makes sex bad is that as she loses her "wetness" sex can easily become painful for her and she's going to fake an orgasm to get you off (and off of her too).

So sex might have been great for you but she's got a strip of sandpaper that's going to turn to normal in an hour or two.

So you can count out an instant replay.

But... if you have some lubrication handy, like, on your hand... and as you begin having sex, just before penetration you take a thumbful of lube and smear it on your shaft, you're going to be good to go for a lot longer lasting in bed.

You see, the greater the friction (besides hot and heavy first timer excitement) the faster things will end.

The more the lubrication, either hers or something you squeezed or pumped out of a tube, the longer she's going to enjoy sex with you and the longer you're going to last too.

Forget the rings, the toys, the pills. Get a personal lubricant that's made for the both of you to enjoy together and yes, at the same time!).

My personal favorite ( and one that is always appreciated) is K-Y brand personal warming lubricant. Get yourself some at your local drug store the next time you're picking up condoms, or potato chips.

When you start using this pleasure lube she's really going to love you a long time and you're going to last longer than you ever have before.

Once you add into your sex sessions the additional advice that Alex Allman can teach you, all you'll ever have to say to your woman from that day forward to get her so wet she'll beg you for sex is a simple few words "baby, I have what you need" and smile at her.

And I can promise you that unless your woman is trying to dump you, you'll have her for as long as you want her once you put all these things I've talked about together:Click here to read more about "Revolutionary Sex" by Alex Allman

  • Get K-Y warming lube at your local store (pick the heat you're most comfortable with)
  • Visit Alex Allman's Revolutionary Sex web site.

Your woman will never know what happened to make you such as masterful lover - and I will not share your newfound sexual mastery knowledge with her.

Your Friend,
Robert Lee, editor of

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