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Multiple Orgasms In One Night For Men

Click here to read more about "Revolutionary Sex" by Alex AllmanLet me give you a warning in advance about the material in this article, I am NOT responsible if your neighbors complain about the noise you'll be making with her.

Article from the ebook "Revolutionary Sex" by Alex Allman

Here's how to set yourself apart from every other man she has ever been with before...

The truth is, there's a lot of variation between guys on how long they take to make the second round rally. Some guys are ready to again almost immediately (this is very rare, but I've heard it from a few women... they DO exist)

But most guys take longer, and some of us take a LOT longer... like, the next morning maybe.

There a lot of factors that contribute to this, including stuff like genetics that you can't do much about.

Other big factors are physical condition (obesity is a major problem when it comes to keeping hard erections), your natural testosterone level (again, diet and exercise might help here), and practice.

That's right, more sex will make those muscles stronger. So will "Kegels"... that exercise you do by squeezing the muscles that you use to stop peeing.

In any case, being able to get hard again is really only an issue if you have trouble with premature ejaculation... which you can pretty much destroy if you follow the simple techniques in this free video.

Last Longer In Bed With Proven System - Free Video If it's a question of satisfying HER, it's a non-issue completely. You can make her come until she passes out without having to get a second erection-- in fact, you can make her come until she passes out just using your fingers and tongue.

But if it's a question of your own enjoyment...
you just want to do it again because you want to enjoy another orgasm for yourself...

Well, there are 2 solutions to that one...

The obvious thing is to just relax and take your time and go again whenever YOU are ready. There is really no hurry.

You need to train yourself (and maybe your partner too) that there is no "official end" to making love.

Most of the time couples consider the male orgasm the "grand finale."

And I guess that's partially because people watch too much pornography. (And partly because of how nice it feels to fall asleep afterwards for most guys!)

But the reality is that there is no reason to think this way.

After you come it's nice to cuddle for a while and then maybe get a drink of water. But that doesn't mean the night (or day) has to end.

Start up again slowly. Maybe exchange massages or make out for a long, long time like teenagers.

You've heard women complain that foreplay doesn't last long enough? Here's your chance to make her eat those words! You can tease her nipples with your tongue for 30 minutes! You can go down on her for just as long!

You can explore every inch of each other's bodies.

Play her favorite music and tell her to do a long, sexy dance for your pleasure. (She'll love it!)

So what if it's an hour or more before you get hard again?

Where's your rush? You got another date later in the evening?

If you've got the time, making love like this across the course of hours, even if actual "intercourse" is interrupted for an hour or more in the middle, is something that she will never forget.

And it's a great way to build that kind of intimacy with each other that will really strengthen your relationship.

The second option is to learn how to have non-ejaculatory orgasms.

Once you learn how to "separate your orgasm from your ejaculation," there is really no limit to how many orgasms you can have in a single night.

Of course this is something that takes some time and effort to learn, and in the beginning, the orgasms are not as powerful without the release or ejaculation...

But I have been working on developing some truly incredible "fast track" techniques to get men up to speed with non-ejaculatory orgasms much faster than has ever been accomplished before...

Not to leave you hanging, but the full system is more than you can read in a quick article.

But what is fascinating is that ANY man can learn to separate the experience of orgasm from the reflexive ejaculation that usually accompanies that orgasm...

Like training yourself to lose your flinch reflex when you get hit in the eye (all professional boxers must learn that trick), it does take some work...

But when done it will give any man total control over his ejaculation... even guys who normally have big challenges lasting long enough can learn control, and ultimately learn to orgasm without ejaculating so that you can just continue to have amazing sex for as long you (and she) can take it!

Sounds pretty cool, huh?

Well, the best part is that I sharing tons of free tips from my new system in this FREE VIDEO

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P.S., It's important that you understand this stuff first. But obviously, it's part of a much bigger picture. When you are ready to take the next step and become a master of her sexual pleasure, you'll need to download my eBook, Revolutionary Sex

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