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How To Stop Being A One-Pump-Chump

Let me give you a warning in advance about the material in this article, I am NOT responsible if your neighbors complain about the noise you'll be making with her.

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It's happened to us all, to every guy and if a guy tells you different you have my permission to tell him to his face that he's a liar.

The first time you're in bed with a women, and you're a virgin because it is your first time, right, well, the sensation of the unexpected as your tool dives into her muff, well, words really do fail to capture the excitement of the moment.

And there's a lot of excitement because before you're even certain it's happened "Little Joe" has finished his mission and sprayed white juice all over the, er, place.

And if this was her first time too, well, she certainly figured it's over because she really didn't know what to expect either, and that was the end of that sexual adventure. Wasn't it?

Ring her bell tonightIf you were lucky enough to be with an experienced woman for your virgin-ball-breaking moment, then she knew better about what to expect and waited the twenty or so seconds for you to be ready to perform again but this time like a soldier on leave for the first time in two years.

And that was it, hopefully, for your being a One-Pump-Chump that lasted all of the three or four seconds and is never to be spoken of again.

But, and this is a big but, what if your destiny is a sexual experience that always takes less time that it does for her to reapply her lipstick?

Now it's trouble. Real trouble. No girl, or woman, will date a guy that can't last longer than a song on the radio, and I mean any song, not just Meatloaf's 8:30 minutes of " Paradise by the dashboard light".

You need to know things, you need to educate yourself and get real help.

Now, I'm going to offer you a few tips here for staying harder longer. These also involve keeping the sex sexy because, when you're with a woman, the mood is part of the experience. If you think that turning off the TV or by muting your instant messenger you're doing yourself, herself and the act of sexual contact a favor you can go to the back of the class. (Actually, just don't read any farther, bookmark this page and come back in a couple of months. You'll do yourself and all your future sexual partners a favor. Trust me.)

Again, the mood is part of the experience, so let's first focus on these:

1. Keep a clean house. Not just to impress the ladies but so that when the time is right and you pull out a couple of candles for "mood lighting" you don't need to take a 15 minute timeout to clean off a fire-free zone. Also make sure there's plenty of toilet paper in the restroom.

2. Part of a clean house is a clean bedroom (or where ever you're doing it). I once had a girlfriend that broke up with me because my favorite position ended up with her leg into the back cushion end of a couch that had obvious mold in it. Ugh. There was nothing I could have done at the time, but of course it was too late. And I washed her leg off and everything afterwards, but thinking back I probably should have stopped doing her, washed her leg first and then changed horizontal places and restart the "party", rather that what I did do which was to just finish. Did I say she broke up with me?

3. Pay close attention to what really rocks her world. Now, I know it's a hard, almost impossible task, but by trying to listen to her, and even encouraging her to give you sexual direction, you'll quickly learn that "Little Joe" can be effectively drowned out by a woman yelling "There, there! Harder" A little right" Harder" and she will have a great time which will mean 1 orgasm for her, one BIG orgasm for you (in that order), with a request to do this all over again another time, even it's it's tomorrow or in a couple of days, you will not be forgotten.

Last Longer In Bed With Proven System - Free VideoMany guys (Ok, thousands of guys) have the never ending fear that they just don't know what they're doing with a woman, as in the sex basics are quite evident but the specific steps needed to keep hard, make her orgasm, keep hard, make her orgasm, then finally let the bombs drop/shoot to their final destination (whether that's a rubber tip or not), that knowledge is missing. You can't talk to your buddies about this because they, truthfully, are as lost as you are so all they know is what they've read for free online and that crap never helped them anyways, but, lucky for you, they just might share this idiotic sex knowledge they have. Again, lucky you.

You might be told, "hold your breath" or (my favorite) "think of an ugly woman" and that's supposed to slow your orgasm down. Doesn't work. You can't play mind tricks on a dick. He does have one of his own you know.

4. Be sensitive to the mood, including the romance angle of it all. Women are, deep down, emotional thinkers and if you can tap into that you'll always have a good start on making her happy, and that means in every way possible. The type of romance is for you to figure out, although there are places that can help you if you've never learned the romantic angle of a sexual relationship.

5. The golden rule: If you can please her first you'll always be first in her book and at the top of her mind.

There are other articles to learn to be the "bad boy" and get her to like you, but this is advanced sexual techniques, and if you're hitting foul balls instead of home runs (remember, she's the umpire) you've got a lot of learning to do.

6. Repeat what works and expand your sexual technique tool kit as you become more fluent in understanding what your woman wants and how to give it to her. if you are a man reading this and the above paragraph gave you a scary feeling of anxiety, you should check out this free video.

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