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How To Pleasure Her Little Treasure

Click here to read more about "Revolutionary Sex" by Alex AllmanShe wants to have an orgasm with you.

Article based on "Revolutionary Sex" ebook

I've had quite a few talks with Alex Allman about sex, orgasms and keeping a woman happy in bed.

While the various types of orgasms is something we've talked about (and Alex knows a lot about this subject!) it's not aiming for anything more than keeping her happy in bed a guy should be concerned with.

If you're in bed with a woman and you're running through a mental checklist of what you should do and when, then you're going to be too consumed with remembering things and you could easily lose your erection because you might become nervous or distracted.

The first rule to keeping a woman happy in bed is that you need to share the experience with her.

A woman's orgasms come in a variety of ways: vaginal, clitoral and blended (a mix of vaginal and clitoral).

Stimulation can be through foreplay and intercourse. M<any men feel the need to "come together" as a goal in bed and they find this magical sexual release hard to do. Having an orgasm together, while usually shown in movies as the way a regular orgasm happens, is not the full truth. While it can be a fun goal to aim for, you'll experience sex a lot better when you can enjoy each other's orgasm one at a time.

Getting your woman aroused to orgasm before you do often leads to her having multiple orgasms.

The second rule to keeping a woman happy in bed is to arouse her to her orgasm first and then continue to keeping her aroused. Your own first orgasm will then be more powerful and by not both of you coming together, you'll each be able to experience the other's orgasm better.

Some women prefer foreplay to include stimulation of the clitoris with your fingers, gently in a firm stroke method. Use your pointer finger to run up and down her vaginal lips, from top of the opening to the bottom, slowly and firmly in one direction then the other, up and down.

Slight touching of her clit can add to her arousal, but don't rush things. Women tend to prefer a building up of sexual tension rather than just a race to the finish.

If you engage in oral sex you'll follow the same motions, across her opening and gently inside her. Don't rush, let the sensual, intimate excitement and arousal heighten.

The third rule of keeping a woman happy in bed is to not rush with her. A slow building up of her arousal will keep her stimulated much longer and lead to much more powerful orgasms for the both of you.

Click here to read more about "Revolutionary Sex" by Alex AllmanIf you're interested in learning more techniques to keep her happy in bed I suggest downloading a copy of Alex's book 'Revolutionary Sex' here.

She'll thank you for it, over and over!

Thanks for reading,
Robert Lee



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