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Keeping Your Erection Putting On The Condom

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Every guy has to master this problem.

Putting on a condom, being distracted by the task at "hand" and going a little bit soft is a sign of trouble because as soon as you feel your penis "losing strength" fear takes hold and compounds the problem, making the erection lose even more of it's hardness until total fear collapses all of the blood vessels and your as limp as last weeks lettuce.

There are ways to master putting on a condom and staying hard.

You don't need hypnosis or a massive amount of "beta blockers" to conquer the problem of sliding a tube of latex (or sheepskin) over your dick while staying hard.

There are many ways to get that condom on, I'll share two with you now and my buddy Alex will tell you everything.

1) Keep your penis against her, on her stomach or her leg... the flesh on flesh contact will help you as you open the condom and get ready to put it on.

2) Have her put it on you. Put the condom in her hand, have her hold you at the base of your penis, she opens the wrapper and slips it on you. Just don't cum while she's doing it!

And, honestly, this does worry every guy, but only until you've conquered the problem.

Now get busy! 

Click here to visit Alex's site for more awesome tips on getting that condom on while staying hard as well as pleasing yourself more than you ever thought possible ALL THE WHILE making her orgasm over and over!

Your friend,

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