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Sex Tips For Guys: Do You Last Long Enough In Bed?

Click here to read more about "Revolutionary Sex" by Alex AllmanLet me give you a warning in advance about the material in this article, I am NOT responsible if your neighbors complain about the noise you'll be making with her.

Article from the ebook "Revolutionary Sex" by Alex Allman

One of the biggest insecurities that men have around the area of sex and sexual performance is the fear that they are not lasting long enough to please the woman they are with.

Blow her mind in bed!And that moment arrives, whether it be hours or months from the first date, and the clothing is coming off for the first time, and it looks like things are heading towards intercourse... the assumption is that the guy is thinking, "YES!"... but, in fact, for many guys there is also another voice going, "uh-oh..."

That nervous feeling that comes along with the excitement is something that EVERY guy can relate to. And it's common to wonder how you will stack up, if you will be "good" for her... and for men who have trouble with premature ejaculation, or just not lasting as long as they'd like, this nervous feeling is more like DREAD.

But I'll tell you what-- you are not alone. The terrible truth is that according to most anonymous surveys of women, the time it takes their boyfriend or lover to ejaculate is, on average, JUST IT BIT LESS THAN IT TAKES FOR HER TO ORGASM!

Part of the reason for that is that the more excited she gets, as she nears climax, the more excited WE get. What a Catch-22!

But look, if this has been issue for you... whether it's just a little nagging anxiety, or if it's a full blown monster in your life that has already killed what could have otherwise been great relationships, then you need to know that this is something that is 100% fixable.

And given that FACT, you owe it to yourself... and , of course, to the women that you ultimately become intimate with... the women who are hoping that you are "Mr. Right"... to fix this thing right now.

Here is the critical first step to making this problem a thing of the past...

I want you to know that it is the absolute truth that women are writing to me just as much as men about this issue. And that they really are more concerned about the ability to talk about it and work together than they are about their personal sexual satisfaction.

And, for my money, that just shows how cool most women really are. Let's admit it guys, when it comes to emotional maturity and relationships, they really are better than us.

Even if you are in a brand new relationship and making love for the first time, if you feel like you under-whelmed her by only lasting a minute or two... Don't pretend nothing happened. You'll get huge points if you can just have a confident and easy sense of humor about the whole thing and just admit that you got a bit too excited a bit too quickly.

She'll be so relieved to not have to pretend (FOR ONCE!) that it will earn you big points not just as a lover, but as a man.

Okay, okay, I'm not going to leave you hanging... Here's a powerful technique you can use TONIGHT to last longer in bed.

Listen: This technique WORKS. So use it.

And like I just said in the video, if you want a lot more tips and techniques for lasting longer... and to improve your overall performance in bed and learn how to give her the best sexual experience of her life (and build amazing intimacy along the way)...

Go check out my free sex tips newsletter. And if you really want to get on the fast track, download my book while you are there. It will change everything about the way you romantically relate to women.

Your Friend,
AlexClick here to read more about "Revolutionary Sex" by Alex Allman

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