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How To Tell If She's "Faking" Her Orgasm

Click here to read more about "Revolutionary Sex" by Alex AllmanLet me give you a warning in advance about the material in this article, I am NOT responsible if your neighbors complain about the noise you'll be making with her.

Article from the ebook "Revolutionary Sex" by Alex Allman

Would you know if the woman you were with was faking it?

Maybe... but probably not. Because most women (yes, MOST... more than 70% according to recent surveys) have faked it with their lover, and many fake it EVERY TIME.

Believe it or not, one of the email questions I get very frequently is from women who say they've been faking it with their boyfriend for YEARS... and now they want to come clean and tell the truth so that they can use my techniques to work on it together... but they don't know how to talk to him about it without shattering his ego.


But the fact is most women don't have orgasms during intercourse, and many women (at least 1 in 7) have never had an orgasm at all.

And that's a shame because I believe, and I've seen a lot of evidence, that EVERY woman is capable of having orgasms, and capable of having them during intercourse (which builds a very special kind of bonding intimacy that simply can't be replaced in your relationship).

So WHY are women faking it?

Mainly because of YOUR fragile male ego.

But also because they are ashamed. Many women think that if they are not having orgasms that there is something "wrong" with them. They get blasted with all of these Hollywood images, screaming actresses in pornography, and "Big O" obsessed women's magazine covers... and they fear rejection if you knew that you weren't getting her bells to chime.

Is your woman faking it?

Here's how to find out:

Your Friend,
AlexClick here to read more about "Revolutionary Sex" by Alex Allman

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