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How To Guide For Online Sex

Online sex is about

You're adventurous, voyeuristic, experimental and not afraid of finding the limits of your sexuality

Sexual body language does not have a part of online sex. But understanding hints, tips and keyboard shortcuts will help you understand what is being said to you in sex chat rooms

You need to have a web cam to be able to fully participate in sexual encounters that start online

You need to have a sexual outlet that allows you to meet men and women, depending on your sexual orientation, so that you can contact her/him online and meet them in person for sex.

Sex game online, often called virtual sex games, can be played in many online sex sites

Free sex game online are hard to find but this link is a good start

Reasons why men shouldn't be afraid of women:

  • Women are only people too, with the same faults that you might have, despite what they may say
  • The women you meet probably make less that you do (workplace discrimination is alive and well, unfortunately)
  • A man just has to keep himself clean, daily baths or showers, appropriate amounts of deodorant and clean clothes, women have to "fix their faces" every day and sometimes more than once a day
  • Guys know that fast food restaurants and drive-thrus were created to allow for more time for bowling and playing pool, women think it was to help them get out of the kitchen
  • Men know that its more serious when your bartender cuts you off than when your credit card company does
  • A great car does not make the man but it usually makes the woman
  • Man hunts, woman gathers - man buys new belt, woman diets
  • A guy is ready for his picture to be taken at any time!
  • Women need men - heterosexual women anyways

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