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Signs Of A Breakup Before It Happens

Breakup Signs To Watch For

Have you ever gotten the feeling a past relationship has soured so badly that its days were numbered?

Many people are not the type to just give up on a relationship but instead try to work at it and give it some time. But, if you aren’t quite sure where the relationship is going, you could be in for a breakup.

The following are clear signs that a breakup can be near:

Decrease in contact

Contact between you and your partner decreases, eventually causing you to spend less time together.


You may see a decline in the amount of conversation you and your partner have with each other. You may also avoid deep conversation.

Mood changes

Your partner’s mood changes, becoming very sensitive, snippy, and argumentative.


Your partner is secretive about where he/she is going or whom they have been with.


You or your partner begin spending less time together and more time with others. Other signs of becoming more distant include planning different activities and sleeping in different rooms.


Each of you seem to be more critical of each other, focusing more on each other’s faults and flaws.

Here today, gone tomorrow

The discussions on the subject of your future together begin to disappear. You and your partner may begin to limit your plans for today and not the future.


You may have a gut feeling that there is something wrong with your partner regarding your relationship.


You may see that your partner has been more distracted and distant.

Now you know what to watch for.

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