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5 Things You Can Do to Attract and Keep a Romantic Man

There really are men who derive joy in romancing their women, and I will show you how to first spot, attract, and keep them.

The Best Way To Get A Man To Commit To You - ebookThe world is full of romantic men.

All you have to do is figure out how to find them. And in order to attract them you first have to know how to spot romantic men.

Do you know five things that reveal whether a man is romantic or not? If you don't that is just fine, all you have to do is simply watch out for the following behavior:

• When you go on a date and you go to sit down and he pulls out your chair, waits for you to sit down before he sits down.

• If a man shows up for a first date with flowers, you better believe he is romantic.

• If a man is gentle and affectionate towards you, you can bet that the chances of him being romantic are very high.

• If you are talking to a man and he tells you that he is interested in relaxing in a hot tub with a glass of wine after a long hard day, you can say with 90% certainty that he is romantic.

• If he tells you that how well a woman kisses is very important to him, he is romantic.

• When a man enjoys talking about affairs of the heart and relationships, then you know that he is romantic

So now that you know how to quickly spot a romantic guy, here are ten things you can do to attract a romantic guy:

1. Invite him to dinner at your place. When he comes make sure that you have set the right mood in your home by lighting sweet-smelling candles and playing some soft music. Light his favorite scented candle and let the candle 's scent bring out the romance in him.

2. Be affectionate without being too forward. If he puts his arm around you while you are at a movie theatre or simply relaxing on his couch, if you are comfortable, then let him rest his hands on your shoulder. The more affectionate you are with him, the more he will be attracted to you.

3. Talk to him about the kind of romantic dates you enjoy, i.e., boat rides for two, picnicking in the park etc. If he sees that you enjoy the same kind of things he enjoys doing, he will want to hang out with you more.

4. Be romantic. If you want a man that enjoys romance, you have to do romantic things to keep him interested in you. It is a two-way street.

5. Pay attention to romantic men. Romantic men want your attention and time, and if you are unable to give it to them, you may end up losing them to women who know how to give them the attention they need.

So if you want to find a romantic man, you have to know how to tune into guys who come across as gentle, caring, attentive, and behave like gentlemen. If you see these qualities in a man and ignore them, or simply say that the guy is too soft, don't complain when the "bad boy" you are after ends up braking your heart.

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