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10 Ways Men Cheat Emotionally on Women

The Best Way To Get A Man To Commit To You - ebookAre you wondering if he's cheating on you?

You thought cheating only happens when a man goes to bed with a woman that is not his girlfriend, fiancé, or wife.

The only time people feel that cheating has taken place is when a sex has taken place.

Cheating starts way before sex comes into the picture. I this article I will reveal the ten most common ways men cheat emotionally on their women. A man is guilty of emotional infidelity when:

1. He spends a lot of time on the phone talking about the bad parts of his relationship with a woman he is not romantically involved with.

2. He criticizes his mate in the presence of a woman he appears to like while commenting on the positive attributes of the other woman.

3. He goes out of his way to help the other woman solve his emotional or financial problems while neglecting the financial and emotional issues in his relationship.

4. He constantly hangs out with a female colleague after work especially when the activities engaged in have nothing to do with networking or building business relationships.

5. He always flirts with a woman that he is not romantically involved with. Flirting once in while is okay, as long as the woman is not hurt, but when the flirting takes place even in the presence of the man 's significant other, then that is when it crosses the line to emotional cheating.

6. He finds excuses to spend time with the one they have been flirting with on the side.

7. He hangs onto old photographs of his ex. And when asked to dispose of them, he makes excuses as to why it is not important to get rid of them.

8. He does not find your jokes funny but will laugh very hard when the person they constantly talk about says just a few silly things.

9. He takes another woman out for coffee, lunch, or dinner on a regular basis without ever telling or inviting their significant other.

10. He buys special gifts for another woman and never tells their mate about them.

Emotional infidelity is a very hard thing to catch. It starts so gradually that sometimes the people involved are unaware of the fact that they have become emotionally wrapped up into each other.

By the way, men are not the only culprits. If you are paying special attention to one of your male friends and you are romantically involved with another man, you are guilty of emotional infidelity. And if you do not put your emotional involvement in check, you run the risk of ruining the relationship you have with your man.

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