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5 Phrases That Will Make Most Men Do Anything You Want

The Best Way To Get A Man To Commit To You - ebookDo you often wonder what you can say to men to get them to like or love you more?

If are like most women, you try to figure out ways to say things to your man so that he will do the things you want him to do for you. Well, the good news is there are five phrases you can say to men to get them to do your bidding, and here they are:

1. I love you baby

-- You may think this is corny. But if you are have not been telling your man that you love him on a daily basis, you may be building barriers that will emotionally keep your man at a distance. And when you do things that keep your man away from you emotionally, it becomes more difficult for you to get him to do things that please you.

2. I am sorry

 -- Saying I am sorry to a man when you have hurt their feelings or offended them is like giving a cold glass of water to somebody who has been standing outside under the hot sun. The person cools down, and starts feeling good on the inside. Tell your man that you are sorry when you have done something that has offended him and you can literally watch his anger melt away. And when he is not angry at you, you can get him to do those things that make you happy.

3. You look really good

 -- Just as a complement from your man will make you feel really good about yourself, so will a complement from you make him feel on top of the world. When you complement a man on his appearance you stroke his ego. And when a man's ego is well-stroked, you can get anything you want from him.

4. What would you like to eat?

 -- This one is music to the ears of most men. Men are like little puppies -- they just want their girlfriends and wives to feed them when they are hungry. That is why you hear people say that, "The way to a man's heart is through his stomach." It is a lot of truth to this saying. Some men will not marry women do not know their way around the kitchen.

5. You are the greatest lover

 -- Speaking of stroking a man's ego, this one takes the cake. If you tell a man that he is the best you have ever had, you will put yourself in a special place in his heart. Every man wants to feel that they are capable of pleasing their girl in bed. So if you tell your man that he is the best you have had, you can get him to do anything you want him to do for you.

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