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7 Reasons Why You May Be Missing Out on Meeting Your Soul Mate

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A lot of single women have this list of things that men must have in order to qualify to even get a first date. Sure men have this same list too, and there is nothing wrong with it if you don't take it too far.

Is your list of "must-haves" preventing you from giving your Mr. Right a chance?

If you have this list of "must-haves", then you need to read the remainder of this article.

Here is an example of the kind of list you might be carrying around mentally, and how that list may be preventing you from meeting your soul mate:

1. He must have a big bank account

 -- If your man must have a big bank account in order to date you, do you realize that money cannot buy love? Sure he may be able to buy you a diamond ring, or even a car, but if he is not around to share good times with you because he is chasing the next big deal, then you have nothing.

2. He must have his MBA from an Ivy League university

 -- I can tell you that the world is full of educated derelicts, fools, and men who have the brains but may not have the ability to love you the way you want to be loved.

3. He must have a job on Wall Street

 -- There is nothing wrong in wanting to date a man that has the ability to provide for a family when the time comes to make babies, but if your relationship is only built on his ability to provide, what happens when he is downsized from his Wall Street job? Will you check out and look for the next guy with a big job?

4. He must be 6ft. 5ins.

 -- Wow! Have you heard of big things coming in small packages? What is important in love and happiness is not how tall a man is, but rather how big his heart is. If he is built like an Adonis, but he does not know how to romance, and respect you, then what good is his height?

5. He must have long hair

 -- I have news for you. The length of a man' s hair does not determine how much love he can give. Look beyond his hair and see what is in his heart. Bald guys know how to love too.

6. He must be a member of this group

 -- No race, or ethnic group has a monopoly on love. You may be from a certain race and find love in a totally different race. Don't let what people with ideas from the past deny you of living a happy life with your prince charming. Love has no color or creed.

7. He must come from the upper class

 -- What is the difference between the love of a guy from downtown and the one from uptown. Take love wherever you can find it. As long as you are attracted to your potential soul mate and they have most of the things you look for in a man, then go for it, and don't look back.

If the man you meet is honest, kind, trustworthy, respectful, gainfully employed, has their own place (an apartment of a home), and they love you with all their heart and soul, don't wait around to get approval from your girlfriends.

If you pass a guy over to wait for the prince of England to ride his horse all the way from London to meet you in New York, might be waiting for a long time -- that is if he ever shows up exactly the way you pictured him.

The lesson here is simple -- Don't judge a book by its cover.

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