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6 Things That Can Kill Your Romantic Relationship

The Best Way To Get A Man To Commit To You - ebookRomantic relationships can be very difficult to maintain for the long term.

That is probably why men get scared when the woman they are involved with starts talking about taking the relationship to the next level -- marriage. Men often wonder if the woman they love will play their part in ensuring that the love and affection in the relationship does not go stale.

So if you want to keep the love of your life madly in love with you, it is important that you are aware of these six relationship killers:

 1. Taking your man for granted and not trying to cater to his physical and emotional needs.

 If you have been together for a few years and you have become very comfortable with each other, it becomes very easy to forget to do those things that initially made him fall in love with you.

2. Focusing on just those things that he does that annoys you to no end.

When you stop seeing the good part of your guy and instead focus on his less than perfect side, you will only end up getting yourself so disgusted that you will simply just walk away.

3. Having separate goals in life.

If you are the kind of woman that wants to settle down and have a nice family and he wants to build the biggest technology company by the time he is 30, your divergent interests could derail your relationship if you don't make compromises.

4. Making his friends and family members your enemies.

Nobody is saying that you have to love all his friends as well as every member of his family. But it is important that you are at least cordial with them. Be friendly and your relationship will have that outside support that it needs to stand strong. But if you do things that weaken your relationship support structures, your romance will eventually bite the dust when your man is forced to choose between you and other people who are very important to his happiness.

5. Cheating is the ultimate relationship killer.

If either of you have had an affair, it becomes ten times harder to keep a relationship together. Cheating will evaporate any atom of trust a relationship has. Unless you lean on some inner strength, an affair will eventually bring down the most solid relationship.

6. His or your bad habits can ruin a good thing.

Whether you drink too much, party too much, or gamble too much, your relationship will suffer when one party has to try to cope with the other 's ugly habit. At some point the bad habit will become unbearable and impinge on the other 's ability to be happy. And when this happens, the temptation to move and find someone else who does not have so much baggage will inevitably set in.

So if you have a good thing going with your significant other, do whatever you have to do to keep fanning the flame of your romance. Good romantic relationships take a lot of time and work to build and they need maintenance to keep them sweet and passionate.

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