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Word For Word The Three Minute Street Pick Up

 Pick Up by Ross Jefferies

  • 3 Minute Pickup
  • Control The Frame
  • Handle Her Objections

Ross JefferiesRoss Jefferies:

It absolutely amazes me when guys claim they just don't know what to say to meet women.

By far, this is one of the top complaints I get from men.

In fact, worrying about WHAT to say is looking at the challenge from the wrong level.

Listen: it's not that what you say doesn't matter. It's that what you say is a function of what attitude or energy you want to project.

As I teach in my Gold Walk Up DVD that has been flying off the shelves here, there are 4 basic approach attitudes or positions that you use to meet women anytime, anywhere, in any situation and never have to worry about what comes out of your mouth.

To illustrate, let me tell you how I did a 3 minute (actually about 3 1/2 minutes) pick up yesterday, while going to my dry cleaners. I used 2 of the 4 positions, in combination with each other, and didn't have to worry one minute about what I was saying.

Here Is Exactly How It Happened

I drove up to my dry-cleaners and got out of my Saab. As I was entering, a very hot blonde was leaving.

She walked by me and unlocked the door to her car.

Using approach position #1(comment, question or observation) I said to her, "How do you like your car?"

She said, "I like it a lot, but it guzzles gas."

Me, (shifting to approach position #2, and shaking my head); "It's too short".

Her: "No, it's a big car."

Me (shaking my head again, approach position #2) "It's too short".

Her: "What's too short?"

Me: Life… to hesitate.. when you see someone you think is incredibly attractive

Her: (blushing and laughing) Wow, that's incredibly sweet

Me: (playfully punching her on the arm) I was talking about me!

Then I introduced myself and said, "I'm glad you laughed because a sense of humor is really important to me. Now, let's see if we are snack-compatible".

I then went into my amazing Snack Quiz opener which is like cat-nip to women. For some reason they LOVE taking quizzes, love being tested, and love to see if they qualify! Even though it is a total joke, they always go for it and as nutty as it seems, it immediately sets the frame that ***I*** am the one testing and selecting THEM, rather than the other way around.

This is crucially important; if you can make a woman feel that she is the one who has to prove herself to you, then you are setting a "frame". And whomever controls the frame..

Controls Whatever Happens Inside The Frame!

Now, this isn't bad for the first 3 minutes of conversation!

(By the way, you can learn all about setting the frame for women to dramatically increase your seduction success by checking out my "Frame Control" Video series but ONLY if you already own a Home Study Course! This is NOT a product for beginners here.

Here is the really interesting thing-since I didn't have a lot of time to chat , I paced the situation (as I teach to do) and said, "Look, we haven't really had a lot of time to talk, and normally after such a short while, I wouldn't pursue it…but I sense you are open to discovering wonderful things."

Note what I am doing here. I am pacing HER possible objection of "but I don't really know you" by doing it first. That way, she can no longer have that objection.

But simply demolishing her objection isn't enough for your good ol' Guru and for you, the budding master seducer and persuader, it shouldn't be either.

I also want to give her a better place to go.

This is a key principle in any kind of persuasion.

Once you remove someone's autopilot objection, ALWAYS give them a better place to go or the objection will probably return.

In this case, I gave her a good image to live up to by saying that I sensed she was open to discovering wonderful things, but I REMAIN VAGUE.

You see, I don't say WHAT those wonderful things are. That way her own mind and imagination will fill in the blanks and make it fit just right.

Had I told her WHAT wonderful things, they might not have fit, and she could have rejected it.

By being vague, I let her own imagination create the perfect fit.

We exchanged information, after I said, "So what steps can we take to make sure that happens" and SHE called me that night!

Not bad for 3 1/2 minutes in a dry cleaners' parking lot. And more importantly, look at how strongly in that short time I established a frame that she is the one who has to prove herself
to me.

One last interesting point; on the phone call, she said, "I have to let you know, I do have a boyfriend".

My response? "No problem; I don't want to be a boyfriend. Too many rules and too many roles. I'd rather just relax and get to enjoy each other without all those heartaches and pressures."

She's coming over tonight.

Ross JefferiesPeace and piece.



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