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Stop Sitting Home Alone!

  • Discovering places to go alone
  • Where to meet a lot of women fast
  • Without a wingman

Ross JefferiesRoss Jefferies:

OK, so it's time to hit the town... but you're sitting home alone.

Maybe all your pals are married or in committed relationships (or perhaps "real-hate-shun-ships by default") so you don't have a wingman to help you approach the "b#%ch-packs."

Could be you have no one to go out with (did you actually try asking people, or are you ASSUMING everyone's busy or not interested?) and you feel awkward going out alone. Maybe you're out of town and it feels weird going out alone.

Any way you look at it, you're not out there meeting women. Instead you're doing something else, involving a word that sounds like "meet."

The (Likely) Real Reason You're With Rosie And Her Sisters Tonight Instead Of Making Out With Dazzling, Delicious Debbie

Perhaps you're tried Sarging on some hotties, but having gotten the brush-off more often than you expected, you're coming up with any dang ol' excuse to stay planted on your Seduction a$% instead of taking to the field.

The easiest one is "I hate going out alone." Well, join me as I show you ...

... Three Surefire Places To Find And Flirt With Fine Women, Without A Wingman Or A Pu#$y-Pulling Posse

Here are three places you can start looking, right now:

Street / store sarging. The best places to meet women are not "meat markets." Get into the Sarging zone by talking to everybody. Before you know it, approaching a hot woman, anytime, anywhere, will be just a day in your life, not an "event" that you prepare for.

Organized Social Events. What do wine tastings, dance classes, cocktail parties, party cruises, and networking events all have in common? Lots of hot, exciting women. You already have an "if all else fails" ice-breaker because you know you have at least ONE thing in common.

Plan Your Flight, Hotel... And Sarging Zone. If you're going to be out of town, do some advance research before you travel so you know the hot spots to hit while you're in a new town. Are there organized social events in that town that strike your fancy? Get on Google and let your fingers do the walking. You'll find something.

Let me do the math for you... New City + New Women = New Adventures.

Get good at mixing it up and talking to everybody when your friends aren't around.

Then, when you meet cute, available women, your social wheels will already be turning and you'll be the master of your girl-getting game.

Ross JefferiesPeace and piece.

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