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Stephen Blake, Author "Loving Your Long Distance Relationship". Find out more about the "Loving Your Long Distance Relationship" Series of books, or to order your own copy visit Stephen Blake's website.Learn how to handle and maintain a long distance relationship.

Stephen Blake, Author "Loving Your Long Distance Relationship". Find out more about the "Loving Your Long Distance Relationship" Series of books, or to order your own copy visit Stephen Blake's website. Read how others have survived the 'long distance' in their relationships. You're not alone! Read the first chapter free here.

I promised myself that I wouldn't date the first semester of my freshman year because I didn't have any desire to latch myself onto the first guy who seemed interested. A friend of mine and I talked about possibly dating, but after much thought we decided it better to remain friends.

Scott, well he had his own story getting to me. He needed one class to graduate and the schools he was looking into didn't work out. All until he met this girl who went to the same school I was attending, she informed him that they had the class he needed. Thus he went chasing after his last credit and a girl.

Once he got to school he realized nothing was going to happen with her. Also, he found he was over-qualified for most of the classes. So lo and behold he flipped a coin.

That is where our stories collide. The class was Intercultural Theory and Scott popped in a couple class periods late. By that time our professor was placing us into groups of four, and we were put into a group together. We had our introductions where I discovered he was a senior transfer student and I was immediately taken by him. He had this amazingly thick black hair with blue eyes, and he was different. Full of adventure and a heart after God.

Once class let out I saw him leave out the front door of the building and went after him, but he disappeared. Later I found out his name means Wanderer, go figure. That night I saw him in the common area and I went and hung out with him until he disappeared again. After an hour or so I started up toward the dorms and saw him talking with a couple people so I went over to say hello and chat. I was just making conversation and mentioned how it would be wonderful to have some real physical training, and he jumped on the opportunity. That Saturday we were hitting the pavement.

From then on we worked out almost every day together. After awhile I became bored, so I asked him to teach me how to box. We started out in the racket ball courts with head gear and gloves on. Very quickly I decided bare skin would be much better, he was a little humored I think.

Once we learned each other's way of fighting we moved out near the dorms where we would get frequent viewers of our fighting matches. The joke around campus was that you'd pass all the couples making out and then reach us exchanging punches.

Then came summer. Our favorite experience would be the night Scott got poison ivy that spread all over his body. I brought him to the emergency room and there we heard of hurricane Dennis in Florida. Two days later we were filling the tank and heading down to Pensecola from Ohio. We went for two weeks with some supplies and a trust in God that He would provide. We out listened Disney music and Chris Tomlin, but we made each other laugh. Once we arrived to our destination we immediately began working. We reshingled a roof in the scorching sun for full days work, we hauled logs, raked and cut up a lot of trees. We also had a date with MRIs under the porch while it stormed.

After months of learning about each other and being around each other constantly we were separated because he was graduated and staying home working while I had to head down to NC for school. This was the first time we experienced the pangs of long distance relationships. Our communication struggled, but we made it through by grace.

By this time we were together for 16 months. In June he was leaving the country to live out his passion in another country that can't be named. A couple days later I arrived with a summer team there to teach english and deaf students. Here we were able to experience another culture together. We were able to see how one another interacted with the culture and how we built relationships. Each day was well spent and appreciated with each other.

On August 4 the whole team went out to eat at a restaurant in the mountains. After dinner we drove down to a waterfall/stream where Scott and I proceeded to hike up the mountain. We reached a really beautiful spot near the water where he told me that he couldn't promise me riches or wealth but asked if his love was enough, and I thought he was being sweet. Then he bent down to take my hand and ask me to be his bride. I barely could make it down the mountain to share the good news.

The next day we were able to spend the whole day relaxing together in the city and just having a good time before we had to leave the next day. Sunday he woke up at 3:30 in the morning to eat breakfast with us and our host family before we left for the airport. We said our goodbyes and now we survive through emails and daily phone conversations. Still maintaining the sparks and still very much looking forward to our future together. We don't know if we will see each other next, most likely between 16 and 24 months. So until then our appreciation for each other grows and we learn to love in a better and deeper way.

Samantha from Ohio, USA


Learn how to handle and maintain a long distance relationship.If you have a Long Distance Relationship Love Story, publish it today by clicking here. Find out about the "Loving Your Long Distance Relationship" Series of books from Stephen Blake's website.

Copyright (c) 2006 Stephen Blake. All rights reserved.


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