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Stephen Blake, Author "Loving Your Long Distance Relationship". Find out more about the "Loving Your Long Distance Relationship" Series of books, or to order your own copy visit Stephen Blake's website.Learn how to handle and maintain a long distance relationship.

Stephen Blake, Author "Loving Your Long Distance Relationship". Find out more about the "Loving Your Long Distance Relationship" Series of books, or to order your own copy visit Stephen Blake's website. Read how others have survived the 'long distance' in their relationships. You're not alone!

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Well my story is this,

I was home on leave from just finishing up at the fire academy in Texas which completed my Air Force Fire Fighting technical training. It was pretty long and hard but I did it, oh yeah I was 1 of only 3 females in about 700 males at the school. I am now in England as a fire fighter but am the only female here, so my life is challenged enough as it is...anyways I met this guy when I was home that was a friend of my best friend, he was in the Marines and recently got out. When we met we both clicked, but I kept my distance and didn't let him know how I felt cause I knew I only had a few more weeks at home in California then I would have to report to my duty station in England. It was hard enough leaving my friends behind and I had just gotten over a long 2 and a half year relationship. Anyways the guy and I hung out the whole time I was home and when I left he stayed in contact with me and we talked now and again...the months went by and his devotion to me was so heart warming, I could tell how much he cared, and it didn't seem to matter to him I was far away and couldn't be around him.

One day in the mail I received his dog tags! I was so happy I put them on and have not taken them off since. So I sent him mine too...he now wears them and hasn't taken them off. We finally both started talking often and I gave in when he bashfully asked me to be his over the phone. We have known each other since 24 Nov 02 and have been talking since, we started dating long distance over the phone 03 Apr 03 and I got to go home in May for 3 weeks on leave to see him. It was the best time ever, we truly click in a way that I know he is the one I have been looking for to travel down this path called life. We are so devoted to each other and respectful it's nuts! I know have been back home for a full month since I last saw him and it's so hard, we love each other so much, but I have to do my job to secure my future and it's sorta funny cause I am the female in the relationship yet I am the one in the military (now cause he was a marine, which helps him understand what I am going through) and I am a fire fighter which is normally a male job.

I am the one that had to leave him behind and he always jokes how he feels like the chick in the relationship, anyways we both have been looking for each other for so long and now that we found each other the timing really sux cause it's so hard to be apart. I call him ever other day cause as a fire fighter I work 24 hour shifts, and there is a time difference so I go to bed early so I can wake up around 1 in the morning my time and usually spend 4 hours on the phone. I hate being apart and he hates it too, but I don't know what else to do so that is how I found this site, seeking long distance relationship advice to help us through. Plus I will be going to Iraq soon and I know that is going to be a really hard time for us, especially since I will be one of the few females there, I know he will be worried, so I want to help make us as strong as I can before I go.

Saundia and Harley for life! = )

Saundia, England

Learn how to handle and maintain a long distance relationship.If you have a Long Distance Relationship Love Story, publish it today by clicking here. Find out about the "Loving Your Long Distance Relationship" Series of books from Stephen Blake's website.

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