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Sex Talk Tips You Should Know

The Bedroom of Adventure

The things about sex you should know

Sex can easily dominate a relationship when it's bad, infrequent or missing. being comfortable talking about sex with your partner opens doors to greater love-making sessions and frees you from feeling inhibited about sex.

Discovering the lightening rods that turn you on, the moves, the words and the fantasies, all play a part in a rich and satisfying sex life.

Good sex can always get better.

It's OK To Talk About Sex

Not talking about sex can lead to a very unsatisfying relationship. Pick your moment and talk about sex with caring, understanding and be respectful of your partner's in inhibitions.

Talking about sex isn't always geared to fetishes and uncomfortable situations.

Adventurous Is Good

Adding spice to your sex life can re-establish the trust and love you share. Be spontaneous and add the pleasure that you never knew was possible.

Change Roles

It's OK to switch from being the aggressive and the passive partner. But you need to add this subject to your sex talk.

Share Sex Guides

Part of the adventure of sex is discovering new turn-ons you can share. Sex dvd's and books can help you discover new techniques that add excitement to do together.

Fantasies Are Good

Sharing the things that really turn you on are a great way to add to the bedroom experience. Don't be afraid to explore your role-playing fantasies.


I've included here a few links to give you a starting point to re-invigorating your sex life.

2 Girls Teach Sex: DVD series to bring excitement in the bedroom, presented tastefully that both of you can enjoy.

Revolutionary Sex: Alex Allman's Guide to better sex and how to approach the subject with your partner.

Revolutionary Sex For Her: Alex Allman shares his understanding of sex and relationships in this presentation for women.


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